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16th-Oct-2016 11:15 pm - HanaRae-chan's subs reupload
Sho - Scarf
Hi everyone!

I thought it would be easier to post the work I did with HanaRae-chan's reupload in the same form as the AStT reuploads, with direct links to the comments (instead of having to search through the comments) where I reuploaded the files, so here it is :)
Quick reminder: You have to join their community first to be able to see the links! Their membership is opened.

Reuploaded filesCollapse )

Please remember to respect the rules of their community.
15th-Oct-2016 07:31 pm - AST subbing team reupload
Sho - Scarf
Hi everyone!

As I did previously for HanaRae-chan subbing team, I took the opportunity to reupload the dead links over at ast_team. I'm posting directly to my journal  because it will be easier for me to update the list.

As previously said, I'm in no way affiliated with AST team, I tried contacting them several times to propose my help for the reupload of dead links but had no reply, so, as I did previously, I'm posting the reuploads directly as a comment in the respective entries for the subs, so the links will stay in the community, for the members, as it's the original wish of the subbing team.
Their membership is opened, so feel free to join them if you're not already a member :)

As it seems it's ok to link directly to their entries, I'll just link directly here.

I went through all of their subs, fortunately, around 75% of their links are still working, but unfortunately, I don't have most of their recent releases so I'll just split this post in 2: Dead links which I reuploaded, and dead links which I don't have which I'm asking my fellow Arashians if they can help reupload them. If you do, please please, either do as I did and post it as a a comment in the respective entry, or if you don't feel like it, you can always PM me and I'll do it for you. In any case, I'll update the list here. But please please, don't post any reuploaded links elsewhere than in AST community 'cause that would be against their rules.

(as LJ don't like long posts, I have to split this entry yaaaay)

List of dead links reuploaded
List of dead links that I don't have

So yeah, as you can see, there is more stuff that I don't have than the opposite, but I'm sure with the help of this amazing fandom, we can reupload most of it :)
Also, I went through +200 entries of AST, so if you see any stuff that I might have missed, or got it wrong, please feel free to tell me :)
And thank you to the lovely samiraisfan for helping me reupload some of this! <3
15th-Oct-2016 07:30 pm - AST reuploads (Dead links)
Sho - Scarf
Here is the list of all the dead links over at AST subbing comm. Refer to the bottom of the post for the other entries. If you have any of the files below, if you can reupload them, please, either post the link in the comments of the appropriate entry in AST community (not here!) or else PM me so I can post it for you. Thank you for your help !

Quick reminder: If you have any of those file to share and reupload, don't post the Mega link in this entry. Either do as I did and post as a comment in the correct entry on AST team, or else PM me. Posting reuploaded links directly in this entry would be breaking the rules of AST; Thanks for your comprehension :)

List of dead linksCollapse )

15th-Oct-2016 07:30 pm - AST reuploads (reuploaded files)
Sho - Scarf
Here is the list of all the reuploaded files not listed at AST subbing comm. Refer to the bottom of the post for the other entries. Thank you to the lovely samiraisfan for helping me with some of those files <3

Quick reminder: You have to join their community first to be able to see the links! Their membership is opened.
List of reuploaded filesCollapse )

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Last added: ATB - Hero / SCP - Arashi Special / SCP - AAA stage report / Mezamashi TV - Strangers on a train press con / Hontou no Exo wo Kangeeru Chikyuu Ryokou - Aiba Bhutan spegment SP
Arashi - Anime dance
Because this song is great and I certainly cannot wait until the single release to listen to it on loop!

Arashi - Power of the Paradise
Audio mp3 rip from The Music Day 2016

Sho - Scarf
Hi everyone!

Following denise_dinc's entry some days ago with the translation, I'm sharing with you the audio rip of Sho-kun and Ohno-kun appearance on All Night Nippon radio show in 2007.

Mega | MF
Format: MP3
Size: 88,9 Mo
Lenght: 1h36m57s

Never knew it would be so interesting to hear Yama talk about farts for such a long time XD
13th-Feb-2016 06:41 am - [Scans] Tokujo Kabachi Photobook
Sho - In your panties
Hi everyone.

Today I'm sharing the complete scans of my Tokujo Kabachi photobook.

You can use those scans freely
Crediting back is nice but not mandatory
Comments are <3

All scans are 300dpi
82 pages
Photobucket gallery
Download Package: Mega | Mediafire | 4Shared
Nino - Internet is for porn
So you're new to the Arashi fandom and are tired of not finding working links anymore? Or you just came back in the fandom and are like "why has everything changed whyyyyyy?" totally not based on my experience from 3 months ago *whistle*

Well fear not my friend because there's an easy solution for you! Use Clubbox and you will find everything you want, no sweat!
On the downside of things, it's all in Korean and the DL speed is slow. BUT...but but you will get what you want in the end ^^

I must note that this tutorial is mainly based on this one, although I added some things because I ran into a few problems that will be covered here, and there's also some added features that you will find at the end of this post.

IntroductionCollapse )

How to register a Clubbox accountCollapse )

Donwloading a fileCollapse )
Using your mileage pointsCollapse )

Resuming download and dealing with saved filesCollapse )

Help for searching files on the Clubbox homepageCollapse )

I hope this helps you get your Arashi dose ^^ I know it's hard for new fans around here, this is definitely your solution (and buying a Japanese dictionnary *pat pat* ) I know some people use Baidu service but I'm absolutely clueless about it, clubbox is my way to go ^^ I know I will definitely find everything on it, even that obsolete Arashi promotion on Zoom in from 2004 or whatev!

If I made any mistakes, please notify me!

Now go grab them files, and watch them aaaaaaaal!!

22nd-Jan-2016 03:51 am - [Masterpost] Arashi piano scores
Nino - Your fail. I see it.
Hi everyone!

I finally scanned some score books I bought back in 2009, so I thought it was time for me to do a super update of my super very outdated from 8 years ago old piano scores entries, and make it more easily downloadable! Here we go!

Unless mentionned otherwise (piano/vocal, vocals only...), all scores are piano solo versions only.
v1, v2... means that different piano adaptations of the song are available.
For those who already got the scans from my really old post, the ones in bold are the new ones.

In alphabetical order

  • A day in our Life (v1 + v2)

  • Aozora Pedaru (v1 + v2 + v3)

  • A.RA.SHI. (v1 + v2 + v3 + piano/vocal)

  • Ashita no kioku (piano/vocal)

  • Be with you (v1 + piano/vocal)

  • Beautiful days (v1 + piano/vocal)

  • Believe (v1 + v2)

  • Blue (v1 + piano/vocal

  • Boku ga boku no subete (v1 + piano/vocal)

  • Caramel song (piano/vocal)

  • Crazy moon ~kimi wa muteki

  • Fight Song

  • Friendship (piano/vocal)

  • Fuyu wo dakishimete

  • Gimmick Game (vocal)

  • Hadashi no Mirai (v1 + v2)

  • Happiness (v1 + v2 + v3 + v4 + piano/vocal)

  • Harukaze Sneaker

  • Hello Goodbye (vocal)

  • Hero (v1 + v2 + v3)

  • Himitsu (v1 + piano/vocal)

  • Hip Hop Boogie (vocal)

  • Hitomi no naka no Galaxy (v1 + v2 + v3 + piano/vocal)

  • How to Fly

  • Jidai (v1 + v2)

  • Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi (v1 + piano/vocal)

  • Kaze

  • Kaze no Mukou e

  • Kimi no tame ni boku ga iru (v1 + v2 + v3)

  • Kitto Daijoubu (v1 + v2 +v3)

  • Koe (v1 + piano/vocal)

  • Kotoba yori Taisetsuna Mono

  • Kumorinochi, Kaisei

  • Love so Sweet (v1 + v2 + v3 + piano/vocal)

  • Lucky man

  • Naked (vocal)

  • Nice na kokoroiki (v1 + v2 + v3)

  • Niji (v1 + piano/vocal)

  • One Love (v1 + v2 + piano/vocal 1 + piano/vocal 2)


  • PIKA★★NCHI DOUBLE (v1 + v2 + v3)

  • Romance

  • Sakura Sake (v1 + v2 + v3)

  • Sirius (piano/vocal)

  • Step and Go (v1 + v2 + v3)

  • Subarashiki Sekai

  • SUNRISE Nippon (v1 + v2)

  • Take me Faraway (vocal)

  • Tomadoinagara (v1 + v2)

  • Truth (v1 + v2 + piano/vocal)

  • Typhoon Generation (v1 + v2 + v3)

  • We can make it! (v1 + v2)

  • WISH (v1 + v2 +v3)

  • Your song (piano/vocal)

Please don't request a piano score (or a guitar tablature, I don't have any) for a specified song, if it's not here, it means that I don't have it! Thanks.

Do whatever you want with them :D If you want to repost to your site, that's totally fine with me ^^


Everything in a rar file: MEGA | MF
Every song separated in a rar file: MEGA folder | Mediafire folder

Mirrors are welcome :)

Now you can grab the new Niji (piano+vocal) and do a complete Nino cosplay X3

xposted to my tumblr

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