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// lost on the web.
Paris - Day 1 
18th-Aug-2007 10:29 pm
Sho - Scarf
Hi minna \oooooooo/
I'm sorry I won't be able to comment that much but I'm reading all the comments ne!

I hardly slept last night (only 3h30), I was too excited! When Jennifer came to pick me with the car, and I had to pick my suitcase and close the door, I had such tears in my eyes, not because I was sad to leave NONONONONONO, because it was FINALLY THE TIME \ooooo/

Super suitcase super ready (actually my stuff are in a smaller suitcase which is in this bigger suitcase, which will be used to bring back the too much stuff I'll buy

The train station was super crowded but for once, the train was on time (if you have any experience with French train service, you'll know what I mean << ). Jennifer finally watched Pikanchi on my iPod while I tried to sleep a little.

Then I kept watching the clouds, wishing to be above them already T0T (I seriously couldn't think about anything else!)

We found creamy_amande and Céline-chan in Paris so we spend the day together, and of course, we went to Pyramides (the Japanese district, where I bought my JR Pass btw) and ate at Naniwa-ya .


We then went to Ace Mart (Korean grocery shop), Kyoko (Japanese grocery shop 3 times more expensive XD) to buy food for the plane, then to Junku where I'VE BEEN SUPER BRAVE AND ONLY BOUGHT A MANGA! YAY NO JE MAG!!!! It was super hard to resist, I only bought "Yamada Tarou Monogatari" 1 in Japanese, with a little flyer for the drama with Nino and Sho X3
Then we went to the manga Café, and I saw those three albums/singles which are released by Wasabi Records (which is a French label), I knew about them but seeing them in real was quite impressive. Then ended up in "Album" where they had way more J-stuff than I had expected (even frames with Ayumi Hamasaki @_x (60e ôO )).

Then we bought Japanese Yakitori to take away, this doesn't look really glamorous but it was really tasty!!!

And that's far less than I expected to buy, YAY FOR ME!!! MORE MONEY FOR JAPAN XDDDD

That's it minna-san, I'm going to watch YamaTaro 7 that Amandine-chan downloaded for me (because I'm going to follow it in Japan and I don't want to be an episode late), then I'm going to bed and try to catch up on my sleep, because tomorrow night, I will DEFINITELY NOT be able to sleep XDDDDDDD

Dja ne~
18th-Aug-2007 10:52 pm (UTC)
Hi!! (^^)/
Ca y est, c'est le grand départ!!!!! Je te souhaite un bon voyage! AMUSE TOI BIENN!!
(j'adore le quartier japonais à Paris...que de bons restaurants! <3 C'est bien à Junku la photo avec le AAA photobook?!! J'y suis allée il y a qq jours...il n'y était pas! -.- Je le veux! Faut que j'y retourne! Merci pour l'"info"/la photo ~lol)
Ah! J'ai lu que c'était ton anniversaire il y a qq jours! I'm late but Happy Birthday! ^^
19th-Aug-2007 03:24 am (UTC)
wow! they have Kiroii Namida, Arashigoto, and AAA! How awesome! O___O
19th-Aug-2007 07:33 am (UTC)
i think if i'm be able to go i'll be like you too ne, cying lol
i'm happy only to read ur entries, keep posting them ne! i hope i can learn something so IF i can go next year i'm not too lost lol

have fun!
19th-Aug-2007 12:44 pm (UTC)
TU VAS PAS DORMIIIIIIR DU TOUUUUT WAI ! XDD Déjà moi, rien qu'à penser que tu décolles demain je me sens toute excitée, alors O.O *doki doki*

Graaaaaah, je suis toute nostalgique maintenant ;____; Les photos me rappellent trop KOKIA et surtout nos super scéances de cuisines à la maison ;_________;

J'ai hateuuuuuuuuuu de pouvoir voir tes premières photos du Japonnnn !

Fais bon voyageuuuuuuu bibicheu, ne mange pas trop de leur repas dans l'avion si cai dégueu (XD Histoire d'avoir envie de manger des ramens en arrivant quoi), rêveu bien pendant tout le trajet (enfin pas trop, histoire de réaliser quand tu poseras le pieds là bas) ET SURTOUT JE VEUX UNE PHOTO DE LA PREMIERE VUE QUE TU AS DU JAPON ! KAPISHEU ??

Profiteuuuuuu bien ma belle, je sais que j'ai même pas besoin de te le dire, mais j'espère que tout seras à la hauteur de tes espèrances !!

SUKI DAYO <3<3<3<3

Nb : Ptain sa mère j'ai flippé à cause des comm chelou lààà, j'ai sauté sur mon teletron pour te prévenir XD JE SUIS SENSIBLE MOI MINCE !
Nb2 : Ah la la Paris.. Ses ramens, ses mangas, ses figurines.. le folklore local quoi XD
20th-Aug-2007 01:16 am (UTC)
Hello, Winkychan !!! This is chooooooo late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Im so sorry. This greeting is just so late. TT___TT;;;

Anywhoo ! HOMG ~ Thos food look delicious. ;A; *hasn't eaten breakfast yet*

Oh. Whoa. WHOA. Why am I seeing 3 Arashi photobooks in the magazine section? *LOL* Anyway, my point is. OMG. It's right in front of all those mags so that people can see the shiny Arashi bois. *A* <33 I also see... SWITCH ! The shinyy *A*
I also see.... KINGDOM HEARTS II MANGA!!!! *A* *dies* AND askdjfo43013lkjfdlakfjaldskjfad it's near TEKKON KINKREET. ;A; I just know it. I just KNOW it. All that my fandoms want to do is make me happy. LOL <3333 You are making me happy with this, Winkychan. XD *HUGLOMPS*

What else can I spaz about? Oh, of course. You're leaving for Japan todayyyyyy !! *A* (Monday, yes?) HOMGG. Have FUUUUN. <33 I know you already will have fun without me telling you, but I just felt like I should. lol Bring home goodies for your room so that I'll be even more happy when I move in ! *LOL*

Take care ~ <3
20th-Aug-2007 05:16 am (UTC)
Hello! Looks like you're having fun! =) I'm happy for you. I've never been to Paris. But hopefully I will get a chance to go to Japan first. Haha.

Can't wait til your next post! Take care girl! <3
20th-Aug-2007 05:16 am (UTC)
Hello! Looks like you're having fun! =) I'm happy for you. I've never been to Paris. But hopefully I will get a chance to go to Japan first. Haha.

Can't wait til your next post! Take care girl! <3
21st-Aug-2007 03:14 am (UTC)
Dude you only make me jealous with all your entries! You OWE me Sho!

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