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Yashio Complex bridges rocks anyway


Very briefly, I went to the Yashio complex with sironimo (Jennifer didn't come because she felt sick, besides she's not a big fan of the movie (OH THE SHAME!!!!!)), and we had soooooooooo much fun, fngirling around, and laughing our heads of because the Yashio Complex is maybe the most un-touristic part of Tokyo XDDDD And we couldn't stop taking pictures of the bridges, the bridges, the bridges and sometimes the train XD
One thing to add, the Gau's shop is not there (and we really looked around). Maybe it has been closed, or maybe they lied in the movie and it's some place else. ANYWAY, I insisted on buying condoms in Yashio XDDDD (and you know what, THEY'RE NEARLY HIDDEN!!!! XDDDD)
So we headed directy to the bridge you can all see in the movie, when they're leaving for Harajuku and when Takuma is leaving. This bridge is really EASILY findable. We were all excited! The place is really smaller than I imagined!
Then we saw that there is no way the bridge Takuma is showing in the movie is one where he was skateboarding. So we looked at the opposite side, and headed to the closest, but it was not this one, so we tried the other (took 20 minutes all in all XD) and it wasn't there, but the next (10 minutes away) really looked like it (all green) so we headed to it, AND IT WAS THERE YATTAAAAAAAA!!!! The feeling was incredible seriously!!! we took billions of pictures, then seated on the stairs and listened to PIKANCHI on my iPod X3
Then we headed back, crossed the famous bridge, and said goodbye to Yashio Complex T0T (all the people were staring at us veeeeeeeeeeery weirdly XD) We were still laughing to the fact that Takuma lied about the place where he did the tag XDDDD (of course, it was just a scenaristic way to say "point there it looks good even if it's not there")

Original pics

Takuma is a bloody liar XDDD

My pics
I OBVIOUSLY took more than that (at least 100 XDDDD)

And a little video
I can't listen to it, I sticked my earphone to it so you can hear "PIKANCHI" but I really don't know if it worked XDDDDDD

It's a Quicktime file so Divshare didn't converted it to a streaming file

I'm off to bed, I'm going to A-Nation tomorrow, AYU-CHAN HERE I COME!!!!!!! <3
Tags: japan trip, pikanchi, real life

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