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How I think I've lost 5 kilos yesterday 
26th-Aug-2007 10:47 am
Sho - Scarf
Or the story of how the day of A-Nation started as bad as it could be but ended greatly. (sorry no pics this time)

So fate decided that I should be sick that day and I've got the tourista in the middle of the night (I'll pass the details...), hopefully, I predicted before leaving France that soething like this would happen and I took medecines with me so it ended instantly. The thig was I felt awful, and my stomach kept hurting, my head was spinning and I couldn't eat. In the morning I cursed all the things I could, because I felt awfully exhausted, but decided to go anyway, because it was A-Nation and there was no way I couldn't go, even if I had to fell on the floor. I treid to eat something at the starbucks, but just wanted to throw up, so I kept on like that to Ikebukuro Station. I let Jennifer to Shinjuku Station (she was going to spend the day in Harajuku), and headed off for the Keio line, but had to stop and nearly drank 1 liter of water. At that point I wasn't standing right, and really thought of going back to the hotel and spend the day sleeping... But just couldn't. So I forced myself to find the right train on the Keio line (and as I wasn't in my right state it took some time, and the site that gave me the lines to take is really stupid, because he said to take the Semi limited express... but there is no semi-limited express... took 10 minutes to understand that I had to take the Local line). There was nobody in the train, so I could seat and try to sleep a little. I arrived at the right station, and hopefullym I didn't need a map, I just followed the flow of young people who where all leading me to the Arena. On my way, I saw some of those Ayu decorated cars, I'll post pics later.
So once in the stadium, I asked where my seat was and gthey said which way but I had to wait for the open (at 1:00PM, it was only 11:00AM). So I headed for the goodies stands. First there was a huge crowd of stands for the special guests (Anna Tsuchiya etc...) and other for foods and all (and I still wanted to throw up =_=). A little farer you could go in line and there were all the stands for the artists, the biggest, and most corwded one was of course the one for Ayu-chan. I forgot to say that it was AWFULLY HOT. So after buying all the goods, I immediuately put out Ayu sport towel and put it on my head. I headed back to the main entrance and waited there until 1:00PM. I thought there would be a huge crowd waiting but no, I was one of the first one to enter... When you cross the gates, they give you a pretty bag with some paper ads inside, I learned later that its purpose is for you to use it as a bin, so you keep the stadium clean, SUGGEE! They "searched" my bag (which means they just quickly looked inside), they didn't found my camera XD And first thing I did was to go to the toilet to change into the Ayu A-Nation T shirt because I was sweating so much it was awful! I the heded to my seat. For 10000Y of course it wasn't a good seat, I was in the north stands, I could see the whole stage but I was quite far away. I drank again 1 liter of waterm tried to eat one of my STarbuck biscuit, and waited, with the towel over my head, waving my uchiwa, trying to sleep a little with the sun right on my face =_=

The concert should have started at 3:00PM but it started at 2:00PM actually, it was the 1 hour opening act, the stadium wasn't even half filled, they were debuting artists, it was quite nice but there was no tension (and I had no tension AT ALL!). Th real show atsrted at 2:45PM with Ami Suzuki. I forgot the tracklist and all the artists. The great thing with A-Nation is that each artist sings 3 or 4 songs and after that you've got a pauise of about 3 minutes if you want to go outside to drink something etc... and fter that before each artist, the big screen displays a message (depending of the artist, it's "Surprise Artist" etc... and then the name, or a video clip if it's a freally famous artist). Anna Tsuchiya was AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWESOME, she cme around 4:00PM, she started with "Rose" so I was sick but I tried to be hyper anyway XD. AFter that came a "Surprise Artist" that I totally didn't know, Remi Romen, or so;ething like thatm and the time I took to read his name (in katakana) EVRYBODY IN THE WHOLE STADIUM WENT "KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" and I was all "WTF???? Who is that XD" The girls behind me kept screaming "REMI-SAMAAAAAAAA". Anyway, he was cool.
Then more artists, I tried to sleep for the ones I didn't care, hopefully, it was cloudy for the rest of the day, and all the people waving uchiwas did a little wind. The end of the show was the best of course, it was Ai Otsuka, she told us the choregraphy of "Chu Lip" YAAAAAAAAAY, Koda Kumi (she did an awesome mix of "Freaky" and "We will rock you"), then TRF (I went BERSERK when they sang "Survival Dance", yay, not because Sho-kun loves this song and puts it before every concert XD But becuse it's the only TRF song I know, since 2002 because Ayu sang it with them at A-Nation. And I was all "YAY YAY YAY WOWOWOWOWOWOWOOOOOOOOW SURVIVAL DAAAAAAAAAANCE WOOOOOOOOOOH") Yeahm all in all I kept all my energy for the end of the show.
Ayu was of course the last, all the arena was hypeeeeeeeer, I just jumped off my seat when she was annouced, with the intro of "Ayu Ready", and then she appeeeeeeeeeeeeeared, she was only 1cm tall for me but anyway she was awesome, the stage was awesome, she started with "Just 1 love", it was a really rock tracklist. She also sung "Fated" in a beautiful gold dress. Then she appeared on the left on those big A-Nation cars, so I DIDN'T ASK MYSELF QUESTIONS AND HURRIED DOWN THE STAIRS!!!! So I was as close as I could be (behind a cameraman. Oh yes btw, this A-Nation was filmed, so I'lll DEFINITELY download it XDDDDD), so she did the arena tour, and I could see her face 5 meters away for 10 seconds OOOOOOOOOH THE JOY *0* Then she went back on stage and sang "Glitter" (yeah hermiana, I sung it XD), I kept behing hyper for Ayu, you know like all the crowd was just waving uchiwa in rythm, but I was dancing around XDDDDD, and as the two girls on my left leaved earlier, I had 3 seats for myself to dance XDDDDDDDDD

And so the concert ended... at 9:PM oO DID YOU KNOW THAT A-NATION WAS 7 HOURS LONG????? Because I didn't know XDDD No wonder there was nobody at 1:00PM XDDDDD
Then the huuuuuuge crowd headed back to the stationm were a special train for Shinjuku was, that waited especially to be full to leave, and only did the big stations. There were cops everywhere to keep the crowd in line so everything goes well. Now I was reaaaaly tired, I only ate 2 biscuits for the day, I stopped at a combini to buy a sandwich and headed back to the hotel where I arrived at 10:30PM.
And I just went directly to bed (after a good shower XDDDDD)

So be prepare if you decide to go to A-Nation next year, SAVE YOUR ENERGYYYYYYYYYYY oO

By the way today I'm feeling perfectly fine yaaaaaay

Good day minna!
26th-Aug-2007 09:39 am (UTC)
aww...you're so lucky!! I want to go to A-Nation!!~ but I think it would have been even better if you weren't sick ne?^^
Ayu,Ai, Q-chan..so awesome!!*___*
you don't know Remioromen?tsss..they are quite famous yes! XDyou should listen to "Konayuki"! theme song of a drama called "1 Litre of tears"!:)

keep up updating!! I enjoy reading ur entries!^---^V
(though you don't know who I am becoz it's only my second time to put a comment..gomen!^^°)
26th-Aug-2007 12:59 pm (UTC)
Yeahh! You're lucky! You saw many great artists...and Remioromen! *Kyaaa* I love them!<33
Ayu must be impressive on stage, ne?!
Happy you feel better now!^^
Thanks for "sharing your travel"!
The pics in the previous entry are awesome, Japan seems to be a lot of fun!!
27th-Aug-2007 08:29 am (UTC)
WHOA. That's just overwhelming. XDDD I'm no Ayu fan though. I'm sorry. :x; But squee !!! Chu Lip choreography !! XD I wanna learn too. LOL. And. Koda Kumi. <3333

I think the Remi romen thing you said is Remioromen. I'unno who they are either. But. Yeah. lol

Awesome days. XD!
3rd-Oct-2007 10:11 am (UTC) - Hey there *waves*
well I just spent a few hours reading your journal. I don't remember how I found it actually (maybe through searching something like Ayu + Arashi at google) But I'm really impressed. You actually went to a-nation, and saw Ayu LIVE. I'm a big Ayu fan and I also like Arashi, so your journal was a quite interesting read. Do you mind if I add you as a friend? I'd like to read more of your ramblings!
3rd-Oct-2007 02:13 pm (UTC) - Re: Hey there *waves*
Hi there! I(m kinda impressed you actually took the time to read all that rambling XDDDD Well anyway, Ayu-chan and Arashi fans are really welcome to friend me, no problem ^0^y
3rd-Oct-2007 03:00 pm (UTC) - Re: Hey there *waves*
Ok, thank you. Yeah, well I like to read other people's journals, especially when they experienced interesting things *_*! I envy you.
22nd-Oct-2007 12:28 am (UTC)
Wee.. xD Here I am catching up on all your journal entries.. ^^;; It's soooo awesome that you got to see Ayu live.. ;_; I saw her Fated perfermance on Youtube, it was just so wonderful.. =*__*= I was contemplating with my cousin to go to A-nation too, but then we gave up cuz we didn't have enough money. =_=; Otherwise it'd have been nice to meet you there. ^^ And I have one burning question- where did you buy your ticket?!?! =O
26th-Oct-2007 10:44 pm (UTC)
I sa you posted in the other entry where I said how to get tickets so I don't need to answer that question XDDD
But I found my ticket the day I arrived (taht was the first thing I did) for 10000Y (well it was a crappy seat far away, but anyway, I enjoyed myself!)
I've downloaded the whole A-Nation, of course, not every performance is on it, but it was quite a shock to see it again! This is definitely a must-go festival!
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