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Today I had a "dobulu deto" (double date) \o/

Konbawa minna, today was a more free day, so we just went to Harajuku (I wanted to find an Arashi concert ticket for the 29th.... there was one... for 150000Y... so it was NO XDDDD)

So I decided to go back to my favorite idol Shop in Takeshita Street (the idol shop street) which is the only idol shop to sell rare idols goods (allllll the other one just sells paparazzi pics, and unnoficial things like posters of photoshoots, fake uchiwa, phone straps, pins etc....), where I found the rare Arashi photobooks (Pikanchi A to Z, Pikanchi Work is hard dakedo happy, Arashi 2001 2002 calendar etc.... There's even the 2003 concert pamphlet I have my eyes on but I'll save it for the last day).
And while drooling looking around, I saw this thing:

DID YOU EVER SAW THIS THING????? XDDDD of course I bought it (for those who don't know, it's the mascot of Pikanchi Double) There was also the phone strap from pikanchi Double (the two monkeys holding the building *0*). When you go out of this shop, you just want to scream "FUCK EBAY!!!!" XDDDDDD

So far this is all the Arashi stuff I've bought (that's why I came to Japan actually and why I made so much hamburgers saved money) (not including the big posters that I don't want to remove from the plastic, all the A-Nation stuffs, and the other things). Jennifer insisted on putting her Junnosuke memo in the first pic but I swear it's not mine XDDDD

Today I phoned my mum and said "If you have time, can you remove all my posters, all my plushies, Harry Potter and Star Wars stuff, because I bought enough things to do all the decoration of my room over again XD".

So after hat, Jennifer asked two girls where to buy the lipstick that KAT-TUN are doing the ads now XDDD So I headed back to the station alone and got suddently accosted by a guy (Akira-kun), so I ended in a coffee with him, his firend and Jennifer. Even if I obviously knew what he had in mind, we had a great time, they were really nice, and I was so happy I could finally have a decent real conversation in Japanese, other than asking "... wa doko desu ka" and "... arimasu ka" XDDD An I did quite well for an hour YAY FOR ME, they even said that my Japanese was really "Umai" X3333 They even studied French for a bit so we were talking about it.
At one point when they asked us why we were there and I talked about Arashi, they tried to remember who was in the band, and I said all the names and ended with Sho and they were all "HAI! SAKURAI SHO!!! SAKURAI SHO!!!" and I was all "NANI NANI????", and they said they have a friend who was in the same class as Sho-kun at Keio and now is a news reporter FUCKING HELL CAN YOU HAVE ME SHO-KUN PHONE NUMBER???? XDDDDDDDDDD, they were even impressed that I knew Sho-kun went to Keio (I said I was a fan, stupid!)
So yeah, I had a great day, I'm really glad I could finally make friend with people (even if Akira-kun has more in mind XD) and have a decent conversation in Japanese (with some English and French).

So after that we leaved them (with our mails and all) and headed for Ebisu (Garden Place)

I don't know why Tsukushi is always seen running to the place because inside the station, there are things on the floor for you to walk faster, and the exit leads you directly to the entrance of thr gardenm in front of that thing Tsukasa was seating on.
Then we went further, found the Joel Robuchon restaurant (really famous French cook (ET BON APPETIT BIEN SUR only French people will understand XD)) and saw real croissant and pain au chocolat, so Jennifer was all "OH MY GOD I NEED A CROISSANT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!" (it's the only thing she misses from France XD), and they were as good as in our best bakery shops!
Then we went to another karaoke for two hours (I LOVE KARAOKE *0*) and headed back to the hotel.

Now I'm going to bed! OYASUMI NASAI!!!!!
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