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The super idol shop address

As I saw 2 people asking, here is how to get to the super idol shop with rare goods.

First you need to go to Harajuku of course, on the Yamanote Line (the main train you'll be using everytime).
There are 2 exits at the Harajuku station, depending from where you took off the train. The main one is the one at the farther right. You'll pass in front of the Johnny's shop ads, and the front looks like this (that's what you see in Pikanchi)

If you take the main exit, you need to go on the left, you'll see the shop "Snoopy Town" (really NOT difficult to notice) then you go down for some more shops (a lot which are selling replica of idols jewelry (yeah, I searched for the Saturn Necklace EVERYWHERE, didn't find it yet)), and then you'll see a big street on the right, with Lotteria and McDonald's (the little mairmaid ballons won't be there forever I think XD); this is Takeshita street, the idol shops street. The second picture is taken from the other side of the street (there's a "Book Off" (really big shop of manga, DVD and CD at really reduce prices, Jennifer found a whole set of a Jerry Yan drama (2 boxes) for less than she could have just one at HMV (which is like "Virgin" shop) not far away))
if you take the little exit of the station (Takeshita exit), you'll end up right in front of the Takeshita Street XD

You will pass numerous idol shops, ghotic lolita clothes shop (this is the district!), and around the middle of the street, you'll see this (I took in picture this scary guy totally by accident, as I said, you're not allowed to take pictures, even in front of the shops =_=). At the top of the entrance there's a big yellow and red sign with flammes written "West Shop". The shop is upstairs, there's a small clothes shop before it.

Don't forget that you can ask for really big posters, just ask the guy which poster of which idol/band you want and he will open for you a little special book with the pictures of the said person/band that are available as big posters. At the right of those books are little boxes with tons of Official fan club paper communication. At the entrance next to the pictures and before the window withall the concert goods are the CDs. Well you just look around and don't miss a single thing ne! LOOK UP TOO! That's how I've found the Pikanchi 2 plushie XDDDD
This is for example, my big Sho-kun poster (the size of the concert ones, I think this one is from the 2003-2004 winter concert), as it has a little scrash at the bottom (I seriously don't care, that's not what I'm looking at, anyway the seller will show it to you and ask you if it's ok with you so you won't have bad surprises) it was only 300Y \o/
yuckie_chan honey, please don't die XD

And I forgot that for every 10 pictures you buy you can choose for free something on the left of the cashier (there are pictures, poscards and the such).

And that's it, I didn't saw yet anywhere else such kind of shop. If there are people going to Tokyo before September 5th, I'll be glad to bring them there ^^y

That's it for today ^^

PS I forgot who asked, but the Arashi concert I'm attending is the August 30th one in Hamamatsu, for Jun's birthday (2nd concert) ^^ *can't wait*
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