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Posting quickly to say that I've arrived safely in Paris, I currently feel extremely gloomy but it wonùt last, anyway it was really hard to leave Akira-kun, to leave this country I love so much, itùs like you went to paradise and had to come back.
I felt extremely more gloomy in the Parisian subway, thinking "why is it so dirty, why does it smells, why are people so gloomy, why is the customers service so crappy, is a smile too expensive, why do I have to watch and be worried about my suitcases here, why do I have to be scared at night alone, why can't I find anything after 9:00PM etc etc etc....."
I miss Japan like I've left my heart in Tokyo seriously.
Luckily there is still Arashi.
Now I'm going to have some rest, I haven't slept for 24 hours, and it doesn't help the gloominess (but I'm not the kind to look at the past and mourn about it all day, it won't last, BUT NOW I JUST WANT TO GO BACK TO JAPAN T0T)
Tags: japan trip, paris, real life
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