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[Sho Beat] (2007.03.03) Sho talking about Nino in Paris and Berlin

I was waiting DESPERATELY for this Sho Beat *0*

After the now infamous Music Station where Nino talked about Paris (cuddles to nyanchan and tenjostyle for the trans/subs <3 ) where I was half "OMG NINO YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT PARIS" and half "BAKA NO MINNA-SAN WHY DON'T YOU BELIEVE HIM!" XD

Well like, 1 hour after that, I felt the urge to write an email to Sho (as he's the only one who can read English) to tell him that Nino actually said the truth and that Arashi has many fans outside of Japan, in Europa, USA etc blablablabla... and that we LISTEN to their music (Nino no Baka! Why did he say that XDDD)
I wasn't hoping for him to read my message on his radio show (well yes I was a little hoping for it, who am I kidding, it's my baby-Sho <3), I was just worried to give the message that Nino said the truth.

But apparently, I was not the only one to write about that matter, which makes me REALLY HAPPY!

Download: [Sho Beat] (2007.03.03) : Mega | MF (thanks to fishydotlove for reuploading it!)
Paris part MP3: Mega | MF | 4S (a bit of a translation here.)

You can hear the interesting part starting around 14:30.
I vaguely hear him talk about Paris/Berlin/Nino/IwoJima/Premiere/Music Station, at some point, I "think" he still says that he cannot believe it! He also mentions Jun and Hana Yori Dango ("maybe" the japanese girl who wrote was the one that I talked to at the Paris Premiere, I remember her asking me how the hell I knew about Arashi, and I said it was because of HYD (Jun-bait here like so many others), well it's just a supposition, as the Japanese girl apparently was at the Paris Premiere, and I suppose she went to see the Mona Lisa portrait because she mentions Sho's drawing from G no Arashi (BWAHAHHAHAHA XD ) and it seemed to me that the one I talked to went to the Louvres too (as she showed me the pictures of Nino at Versailles (he talked about it in his Game Nikki) and there were others from different touristic locations in Paris)), and drama...

Well I would really love to know what he's really talking about and what his real reaction was! I'm not asking for a translation, but a general idea on his whole talk on this subject, onegaishimasu~ m(_ _)m

At least I hope this made some people happy to hear Sho talking about this (I know this made me DOKIDOKIDOKI LIKE MAD XD~ ), the whole point for me here is that Arashi knows that they have fans everywhere (and that Nino said the truth GOD DAMN IT! >< (except that we DON'T have a JPop channel in France XD AHAHAHA He just said that so the others would believe him XD (so smart!)))

EDIT: The amazing ringononohara translated it, you can see it here, thank you my dear!
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