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// lost on the web.
31st-Oct-2007 12:31 pm
Sho - Scarf


Jennifer, the friend whom I went to Japan with, got her mail read on Aiba-chan radio show!!!!!!!! AND YOU KNOW WHAT'S THE BEST????????

Remember when I reported going to Aiba-chan restaurant, well, something I didn't said is that I actually wrote a letter for all of Arashi. I did it back in France, all with papercraft, scrapbooking and stuff to make it all pretty and original. I actually also sticked the picture of Nino and me XDDDD
Well anyway, I went to the restaurant with Jennifer, seijisama and anthalie9, and we all wrote another letter, the 4 of us, with a message for all the members, how we love them beside the distance, and how we know them (and some stuff like "You think because we're French we don't know your baka stuff on Japanese TV, but we DO know" XDDD), it was great because my letter we part English/Japanese, but as seijisama and anthalie9 are nearly fluent in Japanese, it was all in Japanese.
SO OMG THEY READ THOSE LETTERS!!!!!! (I'm watching the picture I took of those letters right now, and imagining them reading them just makes me cry a bit more (and... there is this picture of Nino and me, THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!))

And you can listen to that Aiba rekomen here (credit to tenshi_angels87).
The letter reading is right at the beginning of the show!

Except Jennifer saying "YOU! Marry me please!" (oh don't get offended for that, it was just fun, and a pun on Ohno "Oshiete Arashi" corner XD It made Aiba-chan crack up which was the point), THEY ALSO GOT THE MESSAGE THAT FRANCE AND EUROPE ARE WAITING FOR THEM *dies* (sorry for the rest of the world, but I also said in my letter that they had fans around the whole world too, I exactly wrote "You have so much fans around the world, I wish you could see and hear all of us").
Well the whole email Aiba-chan read on the radio was "Please make a concert in Europe, you have a lot of fans, please don't forget us" and "We went to your concert on Matsujun birthday, we also went to your mum's restaurant, and she is really really a nice person. We'll come to your concert next year and go back to eat there", include lots of Aiba-chan laughing and bewildered remarks XDDDDD (if I can get Anna to translate it, I'll edit this entry and post it).

MY HEAD IS ALL DIZZY AND I JUST CAN'T GET MY THOUGHTS RIGHT (and I just phoned to a billions of people to scream my joy XDDDDD I think all the people at my mum's work and all the people at McD are aware of this now).

Geez I'm so happy for my Jennifer-chan, I'm so happy for me too obviously XDD AND I'M SO HAPPY FOR ALL THE FANS AROUND THE WORLD!!!

This is so crazy...
Meeting Nino, having his autograph and picture with him
Being mentionned in a magazine by Nino
Having all of them notice us at the concert
Nino and Sho talking about us two days later
Sho-kun mentioning fans around the world and finally believing what Nino said about foreign fans



I'm going somehow to get ready for work (trying not to laugh and cry at the same time, with sometimes unexpected screamings), I'm closing the restaurant with Jennifer tonight and I think we're going to put Arashi CD REALLY LOUDLY in the whole restaurant XDDDDD

...damn it I'm crying again because Aiba-chan is playing "Namida no Nagareboshi" just after the letter T0T

edit: Here is the translation made by my beloved seijisama and anthalie9 (who is the one who translated this email from French to Japanese to send it), I adapted some stuff from both so here it is!

Recomen of Aiba Masaki, Arashi remix
Masaki-chan: Good evening. It's Aiba Masaki! Let's begin!
Ootsuka: Well before that, I'm gonna make the mail reading ne?
Machan: Yes please go on.
O: A mail from Jennifer from France!
Machan: Is it true???
O: Yeah yeah it's true!!
Machan: Ootsuka please stop joking! This show can't reach as far as France, it's too far away isn't it!!!!
O: I was thinking that too, but I've also been really surprised when saw it.
Machan: OK please read it
O: *reading the mail* "Masaki-chan...”
Machan: *insert hillarious cracking up XDDDD* IS IT TRUE??? Wait wait wait! Is it really written like that? In French you do not usually put "masaki chan" to begin with!!?
O: (laughs) it’s really true! Seriously!
Machan: Isn't it “bonjour” normally??? (random comment by me: Last night I listened to this at least 50 times with Jennifer and never did either of us understood that he said "Bonjour" XDDDDD *cuddles Masaki-chan*)
O: Lion (? Raion?? Didn’t understand this ^^”) That’s why listen to it all please!!
Machan: Ok ok ok please continue, I’m listening
O: ... *reading* “Masaki chan,...”
Machan: *more cracking up*
O: “… YOU, please marry me! P.L.E.A.S.E?”
Machan: Oi wait! *even more cracking up* Unbelievable! *laughing*
O: “I’ve managed to go to your summer concert this year. It was Matsujun’s birthday. It was really wonderful! If it’s possible Urope… it’s Europe ne… Please come do concert in Europe. In France, in Europe, there are really a lot of Arashi’s fans waiting for you to come. (comment by Anna: This is this last sentence that Masaki-chan found weird) Don’t forget it please. I love you (Daisuki). Jennifer.”
Machan: Really??? (comment by Nathalie: It's more of an "Unbelievable"). She came from France to Japan just to see us... something like that…
O: It seems like that.
Machan: It’s true that we have done a concert on the day of the birthday of Matsujun (Well the four of us can confirm yes XDDDD)
Waaaaaaaw it’s really great this thing...
O: but wait, there is more...
Machan: Yes!?
O: eee... “ PS: Your mother was really nice and gentle…”
Machan: Ah my mother isn’t it?
O: Yes ^^
Machan: *laugh*
O: “ the food of the restaurant was really tasteful…”
Machan: *dies from laughing? XD*
O: “ for next year summer when I’ll come for the concert, I’ve planned to come again to the restaurant” (comment by Nathalie: “I’ve planned” the form is like it’s scheduled XD there’s no way she won’t go XD... comment by me: There's no way WE won't go XDDDD)
Machan: *might die from laughing*
O: *laughing too* She has said it ne!!
Machan: (Comment by Nathalie: there I’ve a bit of difficulties XD something like the food is so great she’ll come directly from Narita airport? XD please help someone!) But she’s really great this Jennifer-chan!
O: Isn’t it really great this thing! Your little family restaurant is... Something like known in France!
O: But it’s TRUE! O.O
Machan: But frankly, the Japanese sentences are a bit... weird ne? Some sentences are weird but being capable of remembering it and writing it in a mail...
O: yes
Machan: But now you got softwares which can translate in Japanese (I think he means kanjis and all) from French, perhaps that’s what she used ne. (Nathalie is NOT a software XDDDD)
O: But you feel great ne!
Machan: yeah I’m really happy! She even mentions my mother ^^ she said “gentle” ^^ ne? wow it’s great ^^ I’m really happy with this ^^ But well for the mass of people who came to the concert and all, not considering where did they come from, I’m really happy, thank you very much! It was really fun! Well with this lets begin with this week show, “aiba recomen”...
And next he dedicate “Namida no nagareboshi” to Jennifer chan!

(more random comment by Nathalie: even if I didn’t like Aiba this much, now I can’t anymore !!! “fépapofible” ne!!!!!!!!!!!! AIBA SAIKOUUUUUUUUU JENNIFA SAIKOUUUUUUUUUUUUU ARASHI SAIKOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU WATASHITACHI (around the world no fan no kata ^^) SAIKOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)
(random comment by me: I agree, "fépapofible!" XD)
31st-Oct-2007 12:02 pm (UTC)
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU LUCKY GIRL!!!! congrats!! (haha)
and i actually read all the entries you linked back up there XD i am so jealous!!!!

31st-Oct-2007 12:22 pm (UTC)
You know sometimes, I'm scared to talk about this because I'm affraid bashing comments will popup. Period.

Even if I dream of an European Tour or something like this, I really hope they will do another AAA for you all in Asia. Which I'm sure they will after the great welcome they had, they won't forget you, and I hope they will go in others country (especially, I hope for Thai fans that they will have that concert which was cancelled at the last second)
31st-Oct-2007 12:04 pm (UTC)
That's so cool. I don't know if Nakamaru read my card to him on his radio show, but that would be really neat, ne... Now I want to write him again, just because. *laughs* (I still haven't sent that big letter yet; waiting on a retranslation..)

Yay for you guys! =) *so pleased*

31st-Oct-2007 12:25 pm (UTC)
You haven't checked his radio show to know??? Jennifer send her letter 2 weeks ago, so it took 2 radio show time to got read (and I've wrote 4 times to Sho-kun and never got read T0T Anyway... can't have everything in life ne, it's not like I can complain XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)

31st-Oct-2007 12:18 pm (UTC)
I've read those other entries before especially the Nino one *seriously jealous*

But congrats that's so cool! I heard that show and he was all giggly and stuff on it. :)
31st-Oct-2007 12:29 pm (UTC)
I was seriously cracking up (besides behing super happy XDD) at all the stuff he said XDDDD

It seems that no matter how many times they acknoledge fans from around the workd, they're still be absolutely amazed XDDDD
31st-Oct-2007 12:42 pm (UTC)
the 小笼包 at the beginning cracked me up so bad. i should have listened to aiba's radio sooner! lol

the part where they were amazed that people from france could get such accurate information on aiba. LOL OBVIOUSLY THEY DO NOT KNOW ABOUT LJ HAHAHAH

thanks for this. i'm kinda flailing idek lol
31st-Oct-2007 12:47 pm (UTC)

Aiba-chan was also wondering how we could be listening to his radio show, SERIOUSLY DO YOU KNOW WHAT INTERNET IS???????? XDDDDDDD
I think that even if, we ALL turned up in front of them, after all they acknoledge, they'll be still amazed and be all still wondering how the hell this could have happened XDDDD
31st-Oct-2007 12:43 pm (UTC)
You are one lucky girl! But I think it is also your efforts being rewarded. :D
I read the entries you linked to. Haha, I should be doing homework but it's so interesting to read that I ended up reading it all. xD;;
I don't know if my heart could take all the stuff you've been through. xDDD
31st-Oct-2007 12:49 pm (UTC)
I think it's because I'm still always in a bewildered state about all of this that I can survive all of this XDDDDDDDD
And thanks for your kind comment ^^
31st-Oct-2007 12:43 pm (UTC)
Girls you are best. You are promouting European fans more than whole fandom XDDDDDDDD CONGRATULATIONS. I belive Jennifer is supper happy now after Aiba-chan said "Jennifer-chan sugoi ne?" Congrats to her too! :D

really... girls, you're best ^_^

31st-Oct-2007 12:50 pm (UTC)
I can't wait to see her in 1 hour so she can listen to the show with me (still haven't heard it, poor girl is working XDDD), THIS IS JUST TOO AWESOME!!!!

*hugs* <3<3<3<3<3
31st-Oct-2007 01:16 pm (UTC)
you know that Jennifer XDDDDD L.U.C.K.Y GIRL !!
i know how HAPPY are !i'm so HAPPY now !
that is truly somthing you should be proud of , and you know how special it IS !
that sounded realy fun ,every thing you've been threw Nhaa you deserve it honto ne .. omedetou X3

there is middle east also XDD
31st-Oct-2007 01:26 pm (UTC)
just the thought of being acknowledged by arashi is so so awesome ♥ i think if nino read a letter i wrote to him i would scream on the top of my lungs and jump around like a retard xD

aiba's restaurant eh? i'd like to go there sometime :)))
31st-Oct-2007 01:35 pm (UTC)
omg winky!! that is super awesome!!
YOU ARE DAMN LUCKY!!! And Jennifer too.

i love reading your flailing and you have worked hard to get to see them.
*hugs and wishing that good karma of yous rubs onto me too*
31st-Oct-2007 01:42 pm (UTC)
Winky-chan!!! omg! I was so happy when i listened to Aiba's rekomen the other day! I knew Jennifer was ur friend..because i remembered you were this summer with some friends there *-* Yay!! Our boys are finally noticing us...now i have just to improve my japanese and write to their radioshows too Yatta!!

*happy happy*!!

And the european list is near 800 members in 6 months! yay!
31st-Oct-2007 01:47 pm (UTC)
that's just great!!! ;_;v yayyyy
31st-Oct-2007 02:07 pm (UTC)
Wow, that's really awesome, that's something really rare for fans.
I do hope Arashi tour the world, so that they can meet all their fans around the world. ^^
31st-Oct-2007 02:37 pm (UTC)
wowowow! I first read this Aiba radio incident through vox and wow, I was excited for you guys!!

feels good to know that our stormy boys have an idea on how world-known they are XDD
31st-Oct-2007 02:45 pm (UTC)
omigod!!! excuse me for the words i will be using after this but..

*&^*&%&^$%^#%$(*&(&)(*)*( shit!!!! im so envious of you guys right now!!! Im calling my friends now telling them of how lucky you guys are! you know.. ur being famous without you even knowing..

(*&(&&%&^$%^$%^$*)(*^*&^$%^$ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! i read the accounts you had with them again.. with nino in berlin and at the concert, nino mentioning you at the magazine... and now.. kyaaaa!!!! seriuosly how in the world can you handle this crazinesss?!! and aiba -chan even mentioned your friend.. HOLY mackarel!!!! (*&^&%^$#$%#$%#^&^%

i think im joining you while youre screaming there.. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

im listening to recomen now..

if only we could get their attention like you did.. or at least.. can you brush some luck of yours to us.. ggeezzz!!!

congrats girl.. i think you deserve it.. coming all the way from europe! SUGGOI!!
31st-Oct-2007 03:14 pm (UTC)
Even though I'm just starting to be an Arashi fan, it's really really great that you met Aiba and you and your friend got mentioned so many times!!! I really hope they do go out of Asia ^^ And I totally understand your happiness~~you're so lucky!!
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