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The wonderful destiny of Taro Yamada... WTF???

It's 00:40AM, I just want to ramble, I have no life XD

It's been a month already I think, but I was really happy to discover that "Yamada Tarou Monogatari" had been released in French. Actually, I already started reading it in Japanese (I've bought the first book in Paris just before leaving, then book 2 and 3 in Tokyo (where it was OF COURSE 4 times cheaper *sob*) and the 4th one on Amazon JP with a magazines order). So I waited to finish the first one to read it all over again in French.

And you know how it was translated? "Le Fabuleux destin de Taro Yamada" (The wonderful destiny of Taro Yamada). It's actually a pun on the only worldwide famous French movie "Amélie", its real French title is "Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain".
Except the fact that there is nothing in common between Amélie Poulain and Taro Yamada XDDDD *can't watch the movie properly now*

Anyway I had difficulties when I went to my local manga store to buy it because I directly went to the seller and asked "I would like Yamada Taro Monogatari... I mean Taro Yamad... I MEAN Le Fabuleux destin de YamaTaro... ASDMLFJ MALFJMDLFJ LE FABULEUX DESTIN DE TARO YAMADA!"
I'm just too used to it XDDDD
I still prefer the Japanese edition.... THERE'S NINOxSHO ON IT XDDDDDDDD~

But you know, if you're still in the middle of learning Japanese all by yourself, reading YamaTaro in Japanese is A REALLY GOOD EXERCISE! Because all the kanjis have furigana, so it's a really easy reading. Besides reading in Japanese with background meaning, such as a manga, makes you understand easier what's going on. I'm in the middle of book 3, and I don't have that much difficulties, of course I don't understand every single things, but the graphics helps.
You can say that if you watched the drama it will be easier but it has been GREATLY adapted (I mean it in a good way), except some basic facts, like Taro's situation, his relationship with Takuya, everything else (as for now) cannot be directly related to the drama. Takako only appears in one chapter XDDDDDDDD Besides, the manga storyline is not really heavy, it's more of a little story per chapter, even if there is still some kind of continuity.
As for this, I really admire the work of the drama team, seriously, they took the best out of it, and made it into a new fresh storyline.

*I have no transition*
Because it's been a long time, time for some meme.
First this one I promised to answer to FOREVER AGO.

Picture meme

First chesuto wanted some pics of my cooking, so here is the only real thing I can say I cook perfectly: crêpes \oooooo/

Yeah I can't cook without music I can't do anything without music actually XD, I even dared watching AAA DVD on my iPod and was too focused on Ohchan sexy hips on "Top Secret" that one of my crêpe nearly burnt XDDDD

And second for karmade, picture of WORLD AMSDLFJKALMKSDJFMLSAJF

First view of Japan YAAAAAAAAAAAAY *0*

Last view of Japan NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO T0T

Yeah this is my world I WANT TO GO BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK *cries a river*

Desk meme (from tipsytoe and watchdawurld)
Post a picture of your desk, right now. Do not clean it up, do not do anything to it. Take a camera, and shoot.

I saw this over at watchdawurld LJ, watched my desk and went "..." but it has been worst, actually I find it quite in a normal state right now XD

When I took the picture, I just came back from work 10 minutes ago, so this McD Royal Deluxe on the left was my dinner XD. Then, there are more McD Uno game cards a little everywhere, Windows CD because computer gave me a headache again, and CxDxG no Arashi vol.2 because I wanted to check the kanji of "Gyakukaiten" yesterday on the cover, and I'm as always too lazy to put it back on the shelf XD

Hum, better go to bed now, at least I've got my scanner to work again *0*
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