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Nino on the phone on Waratte iitomo + Nino - Rakuen song

Just thought that I'll share this bit I saw this morning and which bright up this already sunny day ^^

This morning on "waratte iitomo on telephone shocking"(the guest was the girl co-starring Nino in Haikei Chichiue-sama), they called Nino on the phone, and it's Aiba-chan who answered it and he was like "Mochu mochi? Are? Wrong person, it's Aiba, Aiba!", and then Nino answered, apparently all of Arashi was behind and they started singing "A.Ra.Shi" XD~ (aren't they the dorkiest band on earth? XD )
Well Nino will appear in the show tomorrow.
(edit: a translation can be found here!)

Credit goes to tiramisuuu_88 @ nino_daily in this entry and shooshoo2 PDbox for the upload (thanks to baka_power for the link!)

I've uploaded it on Mega, MF and 4S for those who want to DL this way :)
(just saw that tenshi_angels87 has uploaded a SS link on this entry.

And I just wanted to add that Matsubuny @ Vox has uploaded the Rakuen song by Nino here (also uploaded on Megaupload). It's from 2007.03.11 Bay Storm (you'll find the complete show in the same entry) and it's the first demo version of "Fight Song"... it's like a slow version with completly different lyrics. Really nice song thought!

So as I did nothing, go and drop them a "thank you" ^^

Ah~ Minna, "Love so Sweet" is #3 on this week Oricon! Yokatta ne! (info from Arashin.Rin @ Vox)
Chou ureshii that they came back in the top 3!
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