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I've been a bad girl today, I've been to a chocolate expo and bought too many bad bad stuff that it would be baaaaaad bad bad for me to eat!!!

from left to right, clockwise, Gingerbread Ohno, maccarons, mandiants, florentin, and random chocolates

I kinda couldn't help imagining Arashi being there and going all "UMAI SOOOOOOO, MECHA MECHA UMAAAAI SOOOO" not difficult when it's related to food

Chocolate fountaaaaaaaaaain I want the same at home T0T

Anyway, onto the really good news (even if nobody cares XD).

I'm sooo so happy, I've finally got promoted at McD, next Saturday I'll be "Operationnal person in charge" (wtf??? This sounds dumb in English XD), which is nearly like a manager, actually it's a transitional post until beginning of new year when I'll become manager.
I'm so happy, and somehow really nervous, because I'm only 23, I'm only working there since 1 year and 4 months and I'm already responsible of a team of 15 people. I really feel super weird actually. I'm sure this is going to be a really hard month, not in the same kind as the first time I've been promoted, because I was only working there since 4 months, so I was still considerated as "new", and kinda stole the job (even if I didn't asked for it) to people who were there since 2 years. I know the hardest will be to not deceive people.
Aaaah, I'm already having a headache thinking about it ><


* won't clean the toilets anymore ...... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
* I'll be able to put Arashi music while opening or closing the restaurant YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
* I'll be able to write stupid stuff on the board:

(There's a guy at our McD, called Nicolas, nicknamed and written on the board "Nico", and I was so tired that I read "Nino" instead... so with Jen, we changed everybody's name *no life* It was at the end of the night, so it didn't matter what was written anymore anyway Guess who I am on the board *so difficult*)
* Won't feel too ashamed to try to find a 24/24 McDo opened in Marseille (near town) at 1:00AM, getting lost, finding it at 2:30AM, getting lost again, ridding on the tramway road with a car, and going into the totally opposite direction to go back home at 4:30AM McD, what you'll make me do XDDDD

And as I've been tagged by tam_atm

The first 18 is about the one who tagged me and the rest is about those I tagged.
I tag: hermiana, yuckie_chan, luckypurple, watchdawurld, karmade, arsinoi

01. Tagged by: tam_atm
02. Relationship with her: fellow Arashi crazy fan <3
03. 5 impressions of her: fangirl (that's easy XD), crazy imagination, sweet, easy to talk with, and I'm sure JE mind as perverted as mine XD
04. Most memorable thing done for me: I think fangirling with her X3
05. Most memorable words for me: Surely some fangirling stuff XDDDD
06. If become my lover: Eeeer XDDDDDDDD
07. If become lover, things to improve are: To transform into Sho-chan XD
08. If become enemy: That would be stupid, so let's not make this day happen XD
09. Reason become enemy: Because she accidentaly killed Sho-chan??? XD
10. Most desirable thing to do for her now: Sending fangirl love <3
11. Overall impression of her: Open-minded and I love her crazy icons and wild imagintaion <3

12. How I think people will feel about me: Curse the stupid lucky me XD
13. The characteristic I love about myself: Wanting to make my dreams come true no matter what
14. The characteristic I hate about myself: Being so lazy T0T
15. Most ideal person that I want to be: I want to keep improving until the day I die while reaching for my dream, that's that person I want to become.
16. Say something to the people you care about: Keep fighting to change your dreams into goals, don't turn back and don't regret anything.

17. Pass on to 6 people who you want to know how they feel about you.

18. (6) relationship with you: Fellow Arashi fangirl, and lives in the country I'm originated from :3
19. (1) male/female: Female whose mind I outrageously perverted to JE stuff \ooooo/
20. Is (4) studying: I don't knooooooooow T0T
21. Last time you chatted with (3): just few days ago
22. (5) likes what music?: JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (that's hard ne XD)
23. Will I woo (3): ROOOOFL sure XD
24. How about (1): honey I only accept threesome with Sho-chan XD
26. Surname of (6): Eeeeeeer, I don't knoooooow
27. Hobby of (4): I don't knooooow, fangirling??? It's a nice hobby!
28. (5) & (2) get along well: i don't think they know eachothers
30. Tried developing feelings for (3): This meme wasn't meant for the JE fandom, which 99% girls XDDD
31. (5) lives at: Moscow
32. What colour does (6) like: i don't knooooow T0T
33. (3) likes (1): They don't know eachothers XD
34. How I knew (2): Because of her subs, we got to talk together, and as we're just as crazy over Sho-chan, and share the same wonderful perverted tastes, of course we became ver good fellow worshippers X3
35. (5) got pets: I don't remember Marina-chan, is your DS a pet??? XD
36. No (1)'s sexiest person: ??????? XD
Tags: meme, real life

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