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The thing with pepethingy is not that over (still don't get the meaning of her last post), but moving on anyway, there's no point mourning about it anymore, because, who knows, those pics are maybe on mixy, 2ch, and whatever maybe some obscure Taiwanese board or something like this. Somehow, I know this can't be helped, I knew this from the instant I published those pics, that's why I didn't post the complete picture of Nino and me (now, I'm super relieved I did that ôO).

Anyway, I'll see the brighter side of this incident, which is that ALL OF YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! *sends heart-shaped Sho's ketsu of love and billions of chocolates*
*sends French Fries especially for yuckie_chan because you prefer this ne? XD*

And because I needed to write down some Korean, I discovered the wonderful use of the IME pad inside the language toolbar of Windows *yeah I'm late*, didn't even know it existed! I was only skipping to Japanese everytime, and when I was seeing a Kanji I wanted to know, I counted all the lines and stuff and used a kanji dictionnary...

Now I know what you wrote Riida *0*

IME pad w00t \o/ So much faster!!! (My writting is so lame XD)

edit: As I seem to not be alone in this "What's that IME thing" XD I made some explanations here.

edit2: As some people seems to have troubles, maybe you should follow this tutorial, it covers all the cases of handwriting Japanese in Windows XP. If your problem is about the handwritting method not showing up (clicking on IME Pad does nothing), you should install the hand-writting recognition (see end of tutorial).

Should have guess it was "Happiness" written *feels super dumb* I wasn't on the internet around the time of the PV, surely you all knew what it meant when the PV was released but I missed it T0T *feels super dumb again*. All of this to say that this didn't went to waste at all in the end ne ^w^y I've learned something XDDDD

So I still have some rare stuff to share, and some regulars, but they won't be flocked, except one or two things that I might really not want to see spread around. Because we're all here to share inside this lovely fandom, and I don't want to see lovely people being privated because of a sick minority.

Arashi deserves better.
And this. made. my day. (thanks ek5024 and Mindy-chan <3)
Sho-chan, my cute little dork, I'll have your babies even in the Ohmiya SK outfit XDDDDD *need to make icon of the Ohmiya SK choregraphy XD*

Thus I didn't forget why I'm here in the first place, because I love those dorks, so the hell with the stalkers, even if they can be a pain, I love this fandom above anything else <3
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