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Aiba-chan, you're in a roll <3

Of course I HAVE to talk about it, surely everybody has heard about it ne! That Aiba-chan read an email from Brazil!!!!!! (credit to tenshi_angels87)

Girl I don't know who you are but thank you so much fro writing!!! I've got the feeling that Otsuka-kun will pick up any email from international fans now XDDDDDDDD And then in the beginning he said something like "Well last time you had an email from France", and then the girl mentionned it again, and I thought it was the absolute cuteness how she went up with the way to say "Thanks" and "My name is Aiba-chan" in Portuguese X3333333333 And thanks so much for saying there were lots of Arashi fans in Brazil, YAY MORE INTERNATIONAL RABU!!!!
Now I wish every fans from every country will write to Aiba-chan !!!!

Help us Otsuka-san, you're our only hope *0*
*insert Princess Leia @ Star Wars voice XD*
too much fandoms

And ROFL with the "Otsuka-san... kore wa uso dayo ne!" NOOOOOO USO DJANAIIIIIIIII T_________T *bangs head against the door*

That was my random flailing of the night, but I HAD TO FLAIL ON IT!!!!

Edit: For those willing to write to Aiba-chan Radio Show, here is his email: arashi@joqr.net (of course writting in Japanese is a basic statement!)
And as we're at it:
Sho: sho@fmfuji.co.jp
Jun: arashi@nack5.co.jp
Nino: nino@bayfm.co.jp
Ohno: arashi@fmyokohama.co.jp

And as there's no such thing as not enough international support, some advertising is always good:

EDIT 2: YAAAY THERE'S TRANSLATION NOW \ooooooooo/!!! Brazilians fans are really amazing, thank you makino_sanbr for telling me about this!
I'm all doki doki now, all my attention is focused on Otsuka-san *^* WE SHOULD MAKE MORE FOREIGN MAILS POPUP IN HIS MAILBOX!!!!!

Random statement before going to bed: I still haven't watch any GRA episode H_H
How many of you are saying gra and how many are saying G.R.A.??? and how many are saying Golden Rush Arashi XDDDDD
I'm very disturbed because I say gra, and in French it means fat, so, something like that can happen "Last night FAT with Arashi was so much fun, especially Sho-chan <3"

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