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I'm too lazy to make proper titles, besides, this is just random!

I was so surprised that the IME Pad thing was useful to so many (let's form the "we're less dumb today" club or seomthing \o/) that I told myself it would be good if I made another little tutorial, because this thing became really handy!

Aren't you tired of Clubbox/PDBox being non-unicode friendly? Meaning seeing your files downloading like this?

Yeah, I'm talking about all the <<ï-<<ëE etc...
Well it would be good if you could properly read your file names, especially if you're like me, you download thousand of files at once in the same folder and forget about them, and only decide to classify them 3 months later and you don't what the heck they're about anymore XD

Well all you've got to do is install Microsoft AppLocale Utility. The *.msi extention is totally normal.
Once it's installed on your computer, run it, and follow those steps (note: clubbox.exe is located in C:\(or whatever the letter your harddrive is set on)WINDOWS\System32\, for PDBox, it's the same except it's named pdbox28.exe):

Then on your start up program list, a new folder will have appear, and you'll see your new Clubbox link (sorry, my Window XP is in French obviously, but you don't need to be a genious to guess where it's located XD)

Then, when you will lauch it, everytime, this little popup will appear, just click OK everytime (I know this might be annoying, but usually when you're running CB/PDB, it's for a while (sometimes several days) so it's not like you're going to see it often):

And then, ô THE PRETINESS! The much clearer to my eyes *.*

Note that you have to run the program BEFORE loading the links from IE. If you choose to let IE run the program automatically, it will load Clubbox the regular way, which is, non-unicode friendly.

Hope it was helpful ^0^y

So as I fell of my chair when anthalie9 told me, I was wondering "Was I alone in this thing too???"!
I mean, did you guys EVER UNDERSTOOD what Sho was saying at the beginning of "A.RA.SHI"??? Because it's never subbed during lives, it's not written in the booklet lyrics, so I always thought... he's just saying "teki so sow" or some random words!
Like.... you know.... "Ramen" in "All or Nothing" (which is "You know what I mean" instead)

Well it's dumb, but it's most likely "Take your soul soul", which is... obvious now that I think about it m(_ _)m
engRish rules

Edit: According to lovablemaachan, it's
Take it so so.
Take it so so.
Take it, take it so so.
Take it so, wow.
Let's get on!

I'll still stick to "Take your soul soul" anyway because "OMG YES SHO-CHAN TAKE MY SOUL SOUL PLEASE" XDDDDDD As much as I stay with the "RAMEN <3" too XDDDDD

*no transition* So, today I've finally received the unexpected single... THE single XDDDD

And did you listened to the last Sho Beat? I even more failed because Sho-chan, instead of playing an Arashi song, HE PLAYED ULTRA MUSIC POWER!!!




BOY YOU JUST RAPPED MY BRAIN!!!!! TAT (from anthalie9: He's great this Sho-kun, he has the power to transmit his craziness to his fans, cool power! It's a brand new kind of Pokemon!)

This is the cut part:

Original file thanks to tenshi_angels87

And it has been so much time since I lost spent some time on youtube (brings back to the days of trying to catch up 7 years of Arashi XD... still working on it anyway XD)
And I've discovered something I had totally no clue about it, though it seems it has been around the communities (sometimes I'm blind XD), it's that "We can make it!" is actually a cover, originally by Agnes Carlsson and recently covered by Ricki-Lee (no bashing please, the two songs are really different in the end, besides, the idea to put the song on the PV is total crack XDDDDDD ZLOLOLOL @ Arashi singing English the whole time X3 and Nino's solo looks like he really is singing it @_@).
Besides it's not the first time a Swedish song is covered into JPop, mostly all of Ayumi Hamasaki songs in her album "(miss)understood" are covers of the Swedish band "Sweetbox" for example.
And what I'm the most happy about is that, as I can't put Japanese music at McD when there are customers (or my boss is going to kick me out XDDDDDD), I have a compilation of English songs related to JPop (like Utada Hikaru English album and stuff like this), so "Love is all around" will definitely end up on it!!! X333333333

Download here

I really like the oringial song, though it can't pwn "We can make it!" (SAKURAP MALKJDFLMKASDJF MLAJF MLDKSAJF LMKJ <3<3<3<3<3<3)

And as we're at it, Arashi + Dragostea din Tei = TOTAL ABSOLUTE CRACK BECAUSE IT'S SO WRONG XDDDDDDD(Ohno looks like he's totally singing it at the beginning XD)

And to finish, this is the most fabulous and most terrificly crack Arashi fanvid! GENIUS!!! Credit to arasickX2

I'm on crack, oyasumi minna!!
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