May 25th, 2007

Sho - Scarf

Otaku, air guitar, and Japan in Paris (yes it's possible!)

I feel like I'm in August, it's 30°C here @_x I'm melting on my chair, faning myself with my Pikachu Ichiwa m(_ _)m
After the crappiest day of my working life last night, I had a wonderful surprise this morning, as, all at once, my "We can make it!" LE single FINALLY arrived (took 3 weeks @_x STUPID FRENCH POSTAL SERVICE!), my "H" magazines and "Maiding Story" single from amazon (what a surprise, it's by DHL, so it arrived in less than a week \o/ ), and my package from Rin <3 which the stupid French postal service said had been lost by stupid French delivery man, but I don't know how, it finally found its way to my home, so all is for the best!!!

Ureshii na~

Couldn't help myself but exposing them right next to eachother <3

I really hope my AAA DVD won't take 3 weeks to come too @_x (usually, CDJapan packages takes 1 week to come, it's just that this time, French delivery service decided to be slow and stupid (national days off + strike) It's already hard resisting reading the comments of the lucky people who already saw it! >< I've almost finished downloading it from ammi's CB, but I really want to wait for my DVD and watch it in the living room on my big TV, sitting on the sofa *0*

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So now, onto something more usefull, I wanted to do this when I came back from Paris (seeing Ninooooo <3) last time, but didn't really found the time, so as I went back last week-end here is: Japan in Paris! (beware of LOTS of Japanese food pictures XD~)
If you ever go to Paris, those are the must-go places for any JE/Japan fangirls like me!

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NOW I'M ALL HUNGRY AGAIN!!!! Why do I live at the other end of France where there is no real good Japanese restaurant *pout*
Thanks to Amandine, Céline and Anaïs (pockysiana <3) that I met in February because of Nino, and who are lovely fangirls and showed me all those places that I didn't know of!
And because this time I didn't have to pay for the train and lovely Amandine-chan let us stay at her appartment, I could spend all that saved money at those shops XDDDD

I hope this will help some people, because seriously, I was like "I don't care about the Eiffel Tower, let's go to the Japanese district XDDDD"

Oyasumi nasai minna ^0^