May 27th, 2007

Sho - Facepalm

When Sho and Nino are eating my brain....

Minna, ogenki desu ka?
My mum... she's quite something those days ôO Just 5 minutes ago, she entered my room saying out of the blue
"I'm going to buy an aquarium!
- ....?
- An aquarium!
- An aquarium?
- Yes!
- With fishes inside?
- Yes!
- You want an aquarium with fishes inside?
- Yes!
- Well... er... buy it??"

Hum well.. if you don't know my mum you won't understand, she never buys anything, so when she decides something like that... it's like it's going to snow in summer here ôO (like one month ago, she did the same thing, out of the blue "I want a new car!" (she's been driving in the same trash on wheels car for 15 years and everytime I said "Buy a new one, it will be cheaper to maintain in the end!" I felt she wanted to throw me her shoes or something XD) so I went "DOUZO ONEGAI SHIMASU ;v;".
Well end of the story, that was the only memorable thing that happened today XD

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Well that's it, oh and Sho mentioned in Sho Beat that his special report in Australia for NEWS ZERO will be next week? (I think I've read it was to be aired on June 2nd??) Anyway, can't wait to hear Shogrish see it!!! <3