June 6th, 2007

Sho - Scarf

[AAA DVD] MP3 rips, Videos and (excessively long) review (part 1)

What a busy week!!! @_x
Being over busy at work (and wanted to kill one or two people <<), received my AAA DVD (\ooooooooooo/) and LJ. Went. Crazy.

BUT NEW ARASHI ALBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!!! 11 JULY!!!!!!!!! YATTAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! (what to doooo, I want to buy the 2 versions T0T OK, preordered the two at Yesasia (because it was already sold out on CDJapan just few hours later <<) So it will be the "Arashi, Time Summer Tour 2007" ne?) (And WTF @ Jun's solo??? "Yabai-Yabai-Yabai" XDDDDDDDDDD)

Anywayyyyyyyyy... here is my "crazy over Arashi Around Asia DVD" post of doom \o/ (if you haven't seen it yet and don't want to be spoiled, STOP RIGHT HERE (because I've survived until then without reading any reviews etc...))
Includes review step by step (or more likely "What's happening" step by step and random crappy "translation" (wow, that's a big word coming from me XD It's more "What I can randomly understand with my crappy Japanese")), videos (watch only), picspam (a LOT), and mp3s rip (because you know you want "JAM" remix, and "Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi" Chinese and Korean version)

So, got my DVD wednesday morning (only a week to arrive YAY \o/), at exactly 8:01AM, which was really surprising because I usually get packages around 10:30AM~11:00AM @_X .... AND I WAS FREACKING SLEEPING AAAAAARG!!! And when I woke up, as I usually do, I wash my face and go back directly to my room to seat for 30 minutes in front of my computer. It's just when I'm done with that, that I eventually go to the kitchen and have a breakfast. So I entered the living-room... AND WHAT IS ON THE TABLE!!! THE CDJAPAN PACKAGE *eventually nearly collapsed on the table*.
Quickly opened it, drooled all over Aiba's sexy back on the cover it and even took the time to wall my mum "WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP WHEN IT ARRIVED????? 'kay bye, have a good day o^0^/ I'M GOING TO WATCH MY DVD!!!"

(you can notice how there is FOOD under the two first discs XDDDDDDDD It would be Arashi if there weren't food!)

Beware, ABSOLUTELY NOT DIAL-UP SAFE! (all the pictures are thumbnailed, but as there like 400 *not exagerrating*, take your precautions)

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As LJ is a jerk, I have to post the second part of the review in another post ><

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Sho - Scarf

[AAA DVD] MP3 rips, Videos and (excessively long) review (part 4)

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Final word over this DVD: it's our gift from Arashi. I really take it like this, it was really focused on food the fans and the love they give to and receive from us. Now I really treasure it, I already watched it 4 times (the 3 DVDs) and I'm not sick of it, because it's as Arashi is, true to themselves.
I even appreciate the cover more now, it's not some fancy picture of the group, it's Aiba-chan from the back, arms wide open, running to the fans and giving his love and energy. That means a lot to me too (well if you want... Shoronpo means a lot to them so that's why it's part of the cover too XDDDD)

Now I shall go to bed, it took me 3 days to watch the DVDs, and 5 days to write this review, encoding and uploading everything @_x I basically spend my whole week over AAA DVD m(_ _)m (and wanting to kill some people at work, luckily, I have Arashi to rise my spirit up! \ooooooo/ )

If you have any use fo all those screencaps, douzo yoroshiku ne! Help yourself XDD
Credit for the original video rips: Ammi's CB (which were really weirdly encoded, so when I cut them it was even more weird, that's why some videos are a little... weird) and WindJP. Screencaps by me from my DVDs.

I still wonder if someone read this 'til the end XDDDDDDD Oyasumi nasai! (AND LJ IS AN ASS FOR NOT LETTING ME POST THAT AS A WHOLE SINGLE POST >< )

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