June 16th, 2007

Sho - Scarf

OMG.... Nino... NINOOOOOOOOOO!!!! <3

OMG SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! (no... DON'T HELP I'M TOO DEAD HAPPY RIGHT NOW! TO THE POINT OF DYING FROM HAPPINESS!) I'm crying my eyes out right now and shaking all over (I can hardly write anything).

I mean, this happened so randomly... and... OMG!

OK, so I was waiting for the bloody "Oretachi no Song" to upload for the 313210321032th time (gave up on DivShare and uploaded to MU instead), and as I wasn't tired at all and so I decided to read one of my JE mag (I like to take one randomly and drool all over the pages XD), and from ALL my, like, 20 mags, I choose "Duet" from May 2007 (I could have chosen a very different mag, like AnAn, but NO, it was THIS ONE!), and from all the interviews, for the very rare times that I decide to "read" Japanese, it so happened that I decided to read Nino's interview at the end of the mag (I could have chosen to read Sho-kun's interview about Tears, but NO! It was Nino's interview AT THE VERY END of the mag! (Arashizm))
Now I more and more read everytime I see katakana (because they're the only words I'm sure I will understand, and it's always fun to try to understand EngRish XDDD) and what caught my eyes is the "[Nino Ichiban]!?? Berlin & Paris, Star no don't know what's written there, kanji XD".

So well, you know me now, I immediatly read it ("read" is a BIG word XDDD I know all of the kana perfectly, know only like 100 kanjis, but I somehow can make out the meaning of a sentence by its context (especially when there is a lot of katakana XDDD))

Nino talked a lot, and a lot, and a lot about Paris, in TV Shows and all, you all know that, so I wasn't expecting too much of an extraordinary thing...


Nino talked about me...



Oh it was really short, but nevertheless... NINO TALKED ABOUT ME!!! *still shaking and crying*

...now you all understand why I'm crying my eyes out XD

Collapse )

few.... *still crying*

I still can't believe it... how is it... I could have decided to read another magazine XDDDD I'M SO HAPPYYYYYYYYYY!!!
(and "Oretachi no Song" is still not up! WTF MU!!! But right now I don't care XDDD BTW, I've edited a lot of things in the previous post (added the cover songs etc...))

Sigh, I have to go to bed (have to wake up early tomorrow), but I really don't know how I will be able to find sleep @_x

It's a bit selfish from me, but ever since Paris, I always had the tiny hope that I could see a little mention of me by Nino somewhere (like "Oh there was this crazy French girl waiting for me at the front of the hotel" XD)... well, I think any fan would hope for that in her heart... Nino... you remember me *0*

... OMG!!!!

Nino, I thought it wouldn't be possible... BUT I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3

PS: Related post, my report about Nino in Paris for a fresh flashback XDDD

OMG THIS IS STILL TOO MUCH SURREAL!!! *goes to bed and tries to sleep*