July 29th, 2007

Sho - Scarf

[Scans] Arashi: Taifuu Generation poster & 2002-2003 Calendar

Konnichiwa minna-san!

Bringing you today more scans I'm abusing my mum's office crappy scanner, 2 of my babies that I never saw around, so here they are.

As always:
*Credit if you take
*Don't claim as your own
*You're free to repost this elsewhere as long as you credit back with a link to my LJ. Except on vox for the only reason that Vox rewrites the files name, so even if you credit me, the tag I've put in the file name, which helps people to keep track of who scanned what, will be lost. Sorry :/
*Comments are <3

All are 300dpi.


Riida, I love you on that last one XDDDD

Collapse )

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Hope you enjoyed and will make prettyyyyyy icons and wallies with them \o/
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