September 28th, 2007

Sho - Scarf

Some changes


winkychan winkychan winkychan winkychan winkychan

It's really different from the previous one, I had this one in mind since a loooooooooooong time (yep yuckie_chan, your birthday gift is totally based on this idea XDDDDD) but was too lazy to seat in front of Photoshop and start working. It's actually been a long time since I really photoshoped and coded, feels really nice!
At least now Photobucket videos won't kill my layout anymore XDDD (and I finally did a useless profile page w00t!)
I hope it's not too dark, I don't know how long I'll keep it, I already feel like I'll need more colors and rainbows soon XDDDDD

But.... I JUST LOVE THIS PHOTOSHOOT TO DEATH *drools immensely*

Now I'm going to bed, and will try to rest again a little, and hope I'll be in a good mood tomorrow because it was NOT the case yesterday, all of this because of the stupid McD team, and the stupid annual McD France inspection, and the stupid me who decided to go and help even if it was my day off, and the stupid manager who decided to put me at the only post where I'm the less skilled because NOBODY EVER puts me there, but just the day when everything has to be PERFECT, well... you put me where I'm the most likely to make errors and fail. STUPID ASDMLKFJASMDLJKF!§!11§
In the end, I was more pissed at myself than anything else (add to that that I cut my foot the previous day, which couldn't stop bleeding, but decided to go to work anyway, so as I couldn't seat all day, my foot was in a wrong position so all the muscles in my leg worked instead of my foot, so now it hurts badly, STUPID ME, YOU SHOULD HAVE SLEPT INSTEAD!). I did some subbing of Tokio, chichi e no dengon (stormy_team <3333333333), with looooooooooovely Sho-chan to rest my mind when I went back (works like a charm actually XDDDDDD Just put Sho-chan's voice in my hears and I can sleep like a baby <3), and today I sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeept (and did this layout XD)

Anyway, enough of my whinning (I just had to let it out, now I feel better XD), I'm going to sleep \o/

Is it obvious that my mind is crazily invaded by this sexy newscaster? X3