December 4th, 2007

Sho - Scarf

Update on Yatterman cast

AHAHAA I think I'm going to update A LOT on Yatterman movie!!! Because I want to know everything about this big project for Sho-baby X3 (and because I'm still in shock XD)
The news which are poping out those days are about the cast of the main vilain: Doronjo. And as I'm veryyyy very interested about who is going to play with Sho-chan (especially when it concerns the love-triangle between Yatterman 1 (Sho), Yatterman 2 (???) and Doronjo (???????)... ME WANTS SHO-KUNYATTERMAN FRENCH KISS KTHXBYE!!!! and not some kiddy HYD-like kiss T0T), let's say I'm reading a lot everything related to it! XDDDD

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Going to bed because I still have 3 days of sleep to catch up @_@ (because work is starting to get really hectic now that I've been promorted m(______ ______)m Spain trip didn't help XDDDDDD), I'm so sorry, I'm so late on pretty flist because of this °°°>0<°°°