January 12th, 2008

Sho - Scarf

Kyoko Fukada casted in Yatterman

It has been confirmed today that Kyoko Fukada has been cast in the role of the vilain Doronjo in the upcoming movie adaptation Yatterman.

ROOOFL no Angelina Jolie anymore XD

Source: innolife.net


Source Eiga.com

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AMLSJKDFLKASJFDLKJ That will make two "Fukada-san" on the set and for interviews.. kinda an upcoming headache XDDD Ok it's FukUda Saki ASLKFA%KFD%, seriously I have a vision problem XDDD (thanks yuckie_chan dear <3)
Ah but I'm happy, Fukada Kyoko is really a famous and popular actress, so more focus for the movie... and for Sho! \o/ Well I'm not that familiar with her filmography but that's a pretty sexy image she's going to have to show up here! XD Kyoko also played with Nino in Minami-kun no Koibito.

... I still want to see Sho-chan in the Yatterman outfit!!!!! and I still want a Yatterman Official movie figurine to display next to my computer screen X33333

Edit: The remaining villains have also been announced. They're Katsyhisa Namase as Boyacky and Kendo Kobayashi as Tonzler.
Thanks hermiana for the tip <3