January 22nd, 2008

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[Tutorial] Watching Japanese TV live online

Post is now obsolete, please check this new tutorial!

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Thank you sooooooo so much to amaranthee for giving me the hint to a post on d-addicts about a program that allows you to watch most of Japanese channels live online.

Here is the full thread, with the list of the channels and their romanji equivalents and it's working perfectly for me.

EDIT: Found another player, smoother, with better image and sound quality, and way easier to browse: TVU Player
Once installed, just choose "Japanese" in the dropdown menu on the top-right. You'll get the main Japanese channels. Click the channel you want to watch and wait for the connection.
There is at least one minute difference from the live airing (compared to keyholeTV which is faster... but well, you don't get the quality that much), but really this doesn't matter much.
You can also double the size of the window by clicking "full size".

To make this post more interesting, here is a list of interesting stuff you might want to catch, don't forget that you can get the timetable of all the JE TV shows on WindJP.

Of course, all airing time are Japan time, so if you have a doubt about your time zone, just check this World Clock, and to make things more easier, if you're using Firefox (YAY!), you can use the very useful add-on Fox Clocks.

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PS: If some of the airing dates are wrong, please notify me, my Japanese is far from perfect XD And if I've forgotten an interesting TV Show, please to tell me ^^ (please don't tell me "2jichao" and "ping pong" and whatever, i think "Zoom in" and "Mezamashi" are already enough, and they're all showing the same thing anyway (besides I don't think you want to seat through the whole 2 hours and half of the over repetiting news everyday on 4 different channels XD)