April 14th, 2008

Sho - Scarf

I'm catching uuuuuuup

Dear yuckie_chan,
I don't really know how to tell you this, but our horoscope doesn't match.
I think I realized it when I saw the shrunken head under the bus and I saw you pull the toupee off the crazy monk.
I'm sure you're masochistic enough to understand that Extreme Home Makeover sucks.
I'm returning your memories from the military service to you, but I'll keep your neighbour Martin as a memory.
You should also know that I get sick when I think of Oprah Winfrey imitations.
Go burn,

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I'm currently catching up on dear flist (won't be able to catch up 568 pages though XDDDDD), forgive me for this!!!!! ;__________;
Received those 2 babies today so I'll try to get them scanned soon \o/
While trying to finish the dramas I put on hold since months ASMDLKFJASMLKJFMLKJ (just finished watching "Liar Game" 1 hour ago, I've put the last episode on hold for MONTHS! I yet have to finish watching "Bambino" and "Gokusen" >< )
Will make out the best of my 2 days off! GANBARIMASU!

PS: "Himitsu no Arashi-chan" wins at life and "VS Arashi" pwns!
Like I said to twistedhalo04, VS Arashi >>>>>> GRA
Though GRA was instructing somehow, it's not as fun as this priceless mini-tokyo-friend-park-II bangumi <33333 I guess "Himitsu" made up for the "instructional" part of GRA, in a more intertaining way!
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