February 7th, 2009

Sho - Scarf

(yatter)man, I can die happy now!

I'm too exhausted, lacking of sleep, and dreamland to write a correct, decent report, besides I haven't downloaded the pictures and videos from my cellphone, and I'm sure lots of fans already reported of the main events that happened at the comic con (total crappy organisation for 1 minute and 22 seconds of Sho waving behind a window, but still it was pretty amazing XD Got the video of that (like approximatively at least 70 people XD), also the red carpet and the world premiere.

Thank you so much gimmick_game for getting me on the guestlist, because seriously, that was freaking lucky as so few of us could get inside the theater, so I got the chance to me like 2 meters away from Sho on the red carpet, got to see him and Miike-san do the presentation of the movie inside, see the movie (with Sho still there, at the balcony right above me *.* So I had a pretty awesome view of him when I turned my head and looked above, and let me say, watching a Sho movie, with Sho in the same theater, who is waiting to hear your reaction is the most awesome feeling EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and participate to the 15 minutes questions and answers with Sho and Miike-san.

So as I said, too tired to write in details, but seriously, Sho was soooooo cute being litterally taken aback by the huge number of Arashi fans there were, and he was seriously, seriously happy. He said after the movie screening, that he's going to report this fan greeting to the other members when he goes back (that was really sweet of him to take the time to tell us that because it was kind of relieving, like he's saying "don't worry, I'll let all of Arashi know about you guys!").
Also about the movie, I LOVED IT! I feared that it could turn ridiculous, but not at all! I'm not going into details, neither do I wanna spoil, but scorpion scene? BEST SHO SCENE THAT WAS EVER MADE FOR ANY PERVERTED SHO FAN!!!!!!!!!! (yuckie_chan dear, please look forward to it next month :3 )

So I'm going to crash into bed, as I'm suffering from too many hours in the cold, jetlag, lack of sleep, but also intense happiness XD So I'm going to have wild dreams about scorpion scene :33333 I also audio recorded the whole thing in the cinema, so you guys will be able to hear cute Shogrish and also the interview, but I'll edit that when I'm in France. So please look forward to it ^^
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