November 21st, 2015

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[Scans] Japonism Calendar 2016

If your day was crap, here is my gift to you to make you feel better ^^
Among all the Japonism tour goodies, this one is definitely the best in my opinion (that's why I couldn't resist buying it!). This calendar is really small

(a little less than A5, it's indeed a desk calendar), so I did what I could to scan it in high quality but I can't do miracles when the pics are small

orz You'll notice that each montj has an Arashi theme song with some lyrics to illustrate the picture.
And what do you know... the director ofthis calendar is Aiba-chan himself... no wonder it's so funny XD



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If you were hesitating buying this calendar, now you can see it's totally worth it ^^
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