April 18th, 2017

Sho - Scarf

Regarding issues with Dreamwidth

Guys, I have to apologize if you ever commented on any of my entries in my dreamwidth journal because your comment most likely got deleted.

I tried to slowly transition there by posting in LJ and DW at the same time instead of importing my entries everytime (especially since their import queue is currently over crowded, the worst it took to import was 3 days in my case!).
But I've encountered a serious, bothering issue with the way their cuts is managed, it just doesn't work at all! I tried everything for a week and I'm loosing my hair here!

I just decided in the end, I'll do as I did for the past few months, I'll post to LJ as always, and then I'll import to DW (so that means I'll be posting on arashi_off only after the import is done, which can be delayed by several days compared to LJ).

That also means it's an absolute nightmare to edit imported entries including cuts, so I cannot edit any of my old entries, on my DW journal (so the masterpost links back to LJ links) or on arashi_yuuki imported DW.

I have already reported the issue to DW maintenance, so I hope it will be fixed in the near future. So I apologize in advance for the DW exclusive users, you will have to wait several minutes to several days to see my posts there :/
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