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No Arashi is not coming to Holland, neither is Aiba-chan trying to investigate some unknown species in a Holland zoo XDDD

Two days ago... we were waiting for it so much... because Nino finally talked about his trip to Spain (quick reminder of why we wanted to hear him XD)
You can download (and listen to) it on DivShare (credit as always to tenshi_angels87 for the upload <3)

So the first question of course was from a listener who asked why the hell he went to Spain, and as always, Nino, instead of answering the question normally, he speaks about something totally different, and answered the question at the very end of the show (though he didn't read our mail *sob sob*, I think he must have been SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMED by hundreds of emails asking him why he went to Spain XDDDDDDD)
Oh and from what anthalie9 understood, he went to the Sagrada Familia in the night, because he was saying how Spanish people were working still late at night around it, so it might be the time when he went there (we were already on our way back to France T0T)

So about what he said, mostly he talked about what he said in his Nikki (how it was coooooooooold and people were kissing everywhere XD), then he kept on talking and talking about the Sagrada Familia and Gaudi (its creator), and then mentionned Holland?
We didn't quite get why the hell he was talking about Holland, but I just saw that my friend sironimo translated most of the radio show, so you can read it here.

All in all... he bought his gifts from Spain, two mugs... on his way back to Japan when he stopped in Holland.

SO LOGICAL NINO-CHAN XDDDDDD Getting your souvenirs... in an airport... in a country you didn't even visit... and the souvenirs totally unrelated to the country you really visited XDDDD

This guy... he cracks me up everyday I want to see the mug!
I wonder if he ever bought some Spanish stuff there (at least got Ronaldhino's autograph XDDD)

edit: ROOOOOFL ZOMG!!! Just saw on sumoboy LJ... the picture of Nino and Ronadhino ZOMG PLEASE GO CUT YOUR HAIR XDDDD Why do they say on the picture that Ronaldhino is from Italia?????????? ôO

Oh and I was on Youtube just now, and I just saw this link, and I just had to click to see, because imagining Sho-chan will interview one of this people, I'm getting excited. It seems so big for him just seeing those pictures! Well I hope, first, he will go to America, and second, he will interview someone (not just cover some stuff and not meet someone! I WANT TO HEAR SHOGRISH <3333333333333)

I need to go and download Shukudai 62 63... I saw a screencap... with some words... saying Sho... and elephant... I didn't want to get spammed... so I closed the window.... BUT I WANT TO SEE MY BABY MAKING A FOOL OF HIMSELF AGAIN <33333333333
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