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[Subs] How's it Going - Nino Cam version 2

Just posting to say that I've redone the timing of the Nino Camera (as my old timing was so crappy that I wanted to jump by the window), with my first typesetting ever YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY \o/ *had to update Aegisub to make it work T0T*
So it's filled with lots of "YAAAAAAAAAAY" overlapping themselves in rainbow colors YAAAAAAAAAY \o/
If I had more knowledge in typesetting (which is... near to none XD), I would have make bouncing "YAAAAAAAAAAY"s around the screen XD

So please please, if you already downloaded it, get the second version, it's much much better, and as the video was weirdly encoded the image and sound ended up off the subs, so I reencoded with my own DVD, and now it's all clean.

How's it going - Nino Camera [SUBS] (version 2)

I'll redo my old subs ("Iza Now MC" and Ohno in "Zoom in Super") soon m(_ _)m

6:15AM, time to get ready for work =_=°
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