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// lost on the web.
2nd-May-2017 12:01 am - [sticky post]
Sho - Scarf
Here you'll find the list of all the things I'm sharing, for you to better keep track of things.
As for the download links, Mega = Mega, MF = Mediafire, 4S = 4Shared, FD = Flexidrive.

If you have any question/issue with the subs (like "How do I read *srt" etc...), you'll find all your answers here on D-Addicts.

You might find out that lots of links will bring you to similar entries, this is normal as some entries contains various downloads, that's why I'm also making this list ^^




  • [Radio] Sho Beat (2005.11.05) ( Mega, MF, 4S )

  • [Radio] Sho Beat (2007.03.03) ( Mega, MF )

  • [Radio] Sho Beat (2007.05.20) ( Mega, MF )

  • [Radio] Sho Beat (2007.05.27) ( Mega, MF )

  • [Radio] Sho Beat (2008.02.03) ( Mega, MF, 4S + translation)

  • [Radio] Bay Storm (2008.02.10) ( Mega, MF, 4S)

  • [Video] Waratte iitomo - Nino on the telephone (2007.03.12) ( Mega, MF, 4S )

  • [Video] Waratte iitomo - Ohno Satoshi (2007.04.26) ( Mega, MF, 4S )

  • [Video] Bambino - Opening Credits ( MU )

  • [Video] Arashi - We can Make it! (PV MP4 version) ( MU )

  • [Video] THE SHOW Sho solocon videos ( Mega, MF, 4S )

  • [Video] Arashi - AAA+ in Tokyo Dome fancam ( DS )

  • [Video] Arashi - Step and Go (PV in AVI and MP4 format) ( Mega, MF )

  • [Video] Hana Yori Dango movie (1995 version) ( Mega, MF, 4S )

  • [Video] KOKIA - Chouwa oto ~with reflexion~ Live in Paris 2007( DS )

  • [MP3] Aiba - Only Love (Rekomen version) ( Mega )

  • [MP3] Nino - Shounen ( Mega, MF, 4S + lyrics )

  • [MP3] Sho - Love Light ( Mega )

  • [MP3] Sho - Pen no Sasu Houko ~all chapters~ ( Mega )

  • [MP3] AAA DVD - ARASHIC-ARACHIC-ARASICK ~Cool & Soul~ concert rip ( Mega )

  • [MP3] AAA DVD - ASIA SONG FESTIVAL 2006 concert rip ( Mega )

  • [MP3] AAA DVD - ARASHI FIRST CONCERT 2006 in Seoul concert rip ( Mega )

  • [MP3] AAA DVD - TABIDACHI NO ASA [at Yokohama Arena] ( Mega )

  • [MP3] AAA DVD - ARASHI FIRST CONCERT 2006 in Taipei concert rip ( Mega )

  • [MP3] THE SHOW Sho solocon concert rip ( Mega )

  • [MP3] Keitaku - Shounen ( Mega, MF, 4S )

  • [MP3] KOKIA - Follow the Nightingale Single( Mega )

  • [MP3] Yatterman Movie Original Soundtrack( Mega, MF )

  • [Misc] Arashi - How's it Going pamphlet audio ( DS )

  • [MP3] All Night Nippon radio show with Sho and Ohno ( Mega, MF )

  • [Fanvid] Compilation of all of Sho's Cliff Climb fail attempts in VS Arashi, from the begining to March 2017 ( Mega, Stream )

  • [MP3] Arashi - Tsunagu (BayStorm 2017.05.21) full and short version ( Mega, MF )


Last edited 2017.05.21
28th-Dec-2007 09:01 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much and your layout is extremely wonderful. It made me very happy.
28th-Dec-2007 10:12 pm (UTC)
You're welcome, I'm glad it makes things easier ne ^^
29th-Dec-2007 05:45 am (UTC)
thanks so much winkychan everything looks so neat and organized ^^. Congrats! Will get on to it later, k? I got to go to sleep now. But I have a question though: where do I find the clip with Sho-Chinen? I've been looking like CRAZY in every arashi related comm but can't find it =( my head hurts already lol. Thanks for any help! *hugs*
29th-Dec-2007 09:51 am (UTC)
Thanks, that's what it's here for ^^

I've uploaded the video to MU, it's really short, but deadly cute X33333 I've got it from CB :3
29th-Dec-2007 02:23 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much...

I love ur cool new layout...
(Deleted comment)
1st-Jan-2008 09:24 pm (UTC)
Well of course you can, there's no need to ask ^^
2nd-Jan-2008 09:42 am (UTC)
Happy New Year! I love your new layout! So cheery! That's a lot of goodies you have uploaded in general! I'm at work right now but I'll help myself to some of the scans when I get home!
5th-Jan-2008 11:13 am (UTC)
Happy new year to you too!!!!
I hope you'll enjoy some of those scans ^^
5th-Jan-2008 12:17 am (UTC)
i came here totally by random cuz i was trying to google how to get rainbow colored for typsetting and well i ended up here and thought to add you cuz of all the stuff you had, i really hope it was okay though. i totally added w/o asking first hahaha plus ARASHI IS TOTALLY <3 hahaha
5th-Jan-2008 11:13 am (UTC)
I'm one of those people who totally don't mind being added to Flist without asking, so it's totally ok, don't worry ^^
Please enjoy~
9th-Jan-2008 08:45 am (UTC)
waa! Subbed Nino cam! One of the first nino videos i have seen!! thank you for sharing! can't wait to DL! and hope it is fine that I friend you here in LJ! thanks!
18th-Jan-2008 08:03 pm (UTC)
je garde ça en mémories !
merci !

(ps je t'ai envoyé un message via LJ mais je sais pas trop comment ça marche et si ça marche ^^' )
21st-Jan-2008 04:23 am (UTC)
winkychan, u have nooooooooo idea how much u benefit others :)
28th-Jan-2008 07:09 pm (UTC)
Hi there^^
I hope it is ok for you, that I added you as a friend^^

I think it's really great what you are uploading and thanks for all^^
17th-Feb-2008 04:13 am (UTC)
been lurking for months but this time my heart tells me that i really need to thank you for sharing
xx added you on my fl ^__^
18th-Feb-2008 08:35 am (UTC)
great projects! so i'm keeping an eye out on your release.
23rd-Feb-2008 03:03 pm (UTC)
friends please
20th-Mar-2008 11:14 am (UTC)
This is great! easy access and very organized. ^_^ this totally makes me happy. Thanks so much for spreading the stormy love!!!

may i please add you as a friend? pretty please with a cherry on top...
9th-Jun-2008 09:22 pm (UTC)
hi winkychan!! ^_^ I just wanted to say that I love your page layout. It's really an eye candy. and thanks for sharing these stuff with us.
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