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About Arashi in Paris 2008 
4th-Jan-2008 03:52 pm
Sho - Scarf
As it seems we're gathering more and more people now, I'm making again another post about it.

Our aim of course, is to be as much possible to reach Arashi and make them come to Europe, more over to Paris as they stated before.
For the very scepticals: Of course I know Johnny-san only wants money, and that he won't win much by letting Arashi come to Paris for a concert of merely 1000 people, of course I'm perfectly aware of this!
But Arashi original moto is to "Take the world by storm" ne ^^ And also this has been one of their dreams to one day do a concert overseas. I quote once again the wonderful interview of Nino in Paris back in February 2007, by the wonderful Alice Barthélemy who we will never be grateful enough because it's her who told him about "Arashi having lots of fans in France" and "What about a concert here". Seriously... thank you forever!


Orient-Extrême: Your band Arashi, but also KAT-TUN, kanjani8 and NEWS have more and more fans in Europe. You act in dramas subbed in English, and sometimes in French, by your fans... Are you aware of this situation?

Ninomiya Kazunari, astonished and delighted by this information: This is the first time I'm hearing this phenomena about Japanese music and the other bands you told, and I'm really glad. Actually, KAT-TUN was created before our band, ARASHI. This is the eldest band. Kanjani8 and NEWS were created around the same time as us. They're kinda like our war companions. ARASHI was created 8 years ago, and 3 years later, we were already talking about our lust to to do concerts outside of Japan, somewhere in an european country. As we have this ambition, I'm delighted to know that our band is loved in Europe, and that others like NEWS and Kanjani8 are also famous.

Orient-Extrême: You're doing shows at very big venues, like the Tokyo Dome (more than 10000 guests). As you have very less fans in France, compared to Japan, would you still be ready to do a concert in one of our small venues of 1000 guests, or less?

Ninomiya Kazunari, once again surprised, then thinking: The size of the room doesn't matter to us. I would even prefer to sing for 500 guests only! In Japan, I don't know if the five of us have enough power to touch the guests the farest away, in those big rooms. As for experience, we would like to start by a small venue. Once again, size doesn't matter!


And I don't remember from which interview it is, if someone remembers, please tell me, I remember it was Jun talking, and he was talking about Arashi's goals and stuff, and Jun said "we're halfway through the point we want to reach", and... I don't know, Jun said since the beginning he wanted to go overseas, and they finally did concerts in Asia, maybe he meant "We did Asia, we're halfway, next is going overseas" or maybe that's just me thinking that XD

And even if it's not Arashi related, it's still Johnny related, it's this little interview of TegoMass where Tegoshi briefly talks about European fans (around 1:30). BTW, this video is an AWESOME report (following two Swedish composers for Johnny's music), and it's perfect for making discover Johnny's world to your non-Japan friendly friends XDDD (and if you haven't been to, it's the first time you'll see INSIDE the JE Shop in Harajuku XD)
Thanks skippiey and niemochan dears for the link!
Hell I didn't know about the whole fuss of TegoMass in Sweden (don't beat me, I'm not that much into the NEWS fandom OKAY!!!)

Anyway... back to Arashi.
I'm quoting again nyanchan awesome translation of the last TV Guide:

Arashi's Ambitions for 2008
Now that they've looked back on '07 and expressed their 'thank yous', we're holding an urgent group discussion on the Arashi of '08! Arashi's
ambitions are...?!
Sho: I'd like to talk about '08 using the theme of Arashi's ambitions. I'm Sakurai, and I'll be hosting today.Your favor please.
All 4: If you please~! (clap)
Aiba: But, it would be great if we could have a great number of stage performances in '08 as well after all ne.
Jun: '07 was the hightest ever right?
Sho: The guests as well, they came from France, Italy, germany, lots of countries. Nino said it before but we're fairly popular in France anre't we?
Nino: That's right, that's right, we're very popular in Paris.
Sho: Then, should we do Paris in '08? So how many people would gather again?
Nino: ...mm, about 700 people. But 700 people is very popular! I told you it wasn't an overwhelming number, are you snickering at me?
Aiba: We're not (laughs). But they definitely said 700 people? It might be a lie you know.
Nino: ...the cable tv person said it.
Aiba: Uhaha! Is it okay to believe them ne?
Jun: It's not just that person likes Arashi or something?
Nino: That person probably likes us ne (laughs). Riidaa, what do you want to do in '08?

Ohno: I want to constantly be doing live performances after all ne.

So what we can do?

*Write to them

Here are their radio show emails:
Aiba: arashi@joqr.net
Matsujun: arashi@nack5.co.jp
Nino: nino@bayfm.co.jp
Ohno: arashi@fmyokohama.co.jp
Sho: sho@fmfuji.co.jp

Most of all to Sho, as I suppose most of you can hardly write in Japanese, as he understands English (see Sho Beat [2007.12.05], reading a fanmail from Chili)
The other thing I thought about was, if everyone could write to him with the same email title Arashi in Paris 2008 (your name from your country).

Why? Because it will be more noticed. And more why? Because it's very unlikely that Sho is chosing the mails himself (like for Aiba, it's for sure that's it's Otsuka-san chosing for him, as he said reading Jen's mail). Surely there's a staff member for this, and if he suddently sees a huge number of foreign mails, all stating the same thing, most likely Sho will be notified (and it would be even more awesome if one of the mail was read).

Don't believe this method? Well just read what Jericho fans made to save their TV Show (and THEY SAVED IT!)

If you don't know what to write, just state that you're an Arashi fan from xxx time, that you watched this, this and this drama, that there are many fans around the world waiting for them, and please, as you stated in this interview from TV Guide, Nino was told the truth, please do a concert overseas!

This would be enough already ^^


Please please please, join your country fanlist. Moreover if you're European, as we're aiming for Arashi in Paris ne. If you're European and have a vox, please join the Arashi in Europe group (it's maintained by the people of the European fanlist to keep you updated of how the project is going, as they've finally reached more than 900 members! THANKS TO YOU ALL!)

Morever, if you're French, please join French fanlist by my friend anthalie9. There has been a huge response to this since 2 days, which I'm very happy to hear!

Note: This is NOT as a descrimination to other countries fans! NOT AT ALL! This list will be compiled with the European fanlist by matsubunny, see her post on her vox!
It's most usefull as I know a lot of French fans doesn't come to LJ or Vox, or doesn't understand English, so please spread the word!
And EVEN if you're not from Europe, please still join your fanlist, show your support, and please write, if you make them come to Paris and it's a success, they won't stop there, maybe they'll go to America next! You still have nothing to lose by doing this!

Our aim: being as much as possible!

I also got the idea that, once we're as many as possible, we'll print the list (maybe we'll print all the lists XD), and has our friend in Japan to bring it to Aiba's mum restaurant (as she's going there at least once a month *jealous*). Aiba's mum has always been nice about this kind of fan attention (*experienced it myself*), so I don't think there will be a problem, most likely she will be delighted for her son. And if we're lucky, she'll tell him about it.

How to help?

SPREAD THE WORD! Please please, that's the best you can do, gathering as much people as possible! Post it on message boards, your LJ, your vox, your blog, your communities, tell it to your friends etc etc...

And also don't get hot-headed, even if I'm super excited about this, this just another little step, but we need to make this other little step, as it's happening since the beginning of this all. We've got many little steps, and we're getting closer to getting what we want , so let's make it happen ok!

We have nothing to lose!

If you think about anything who can become handy to add to this list, please say it! The point is to be as convincing as we can to gather as much people as possible, make them join the fanlists and write to them!

edit: SADMFLJKMLDJFA MLJASDF Just saw on Jen's blog that HYD filming is starting this month and as overseas locations: THERE'S HONG KONG AND USA!!!! PLEASE PLEASE GO SHOW THE FOREIGN LOVE!!!!!! <3

edit 2: If you're European and have a Vox, please join the Arashi in Europe Vox Groupe.

edit 3: I just thought about something, don't get too excited about tomorrow, it's very unlikely that Sho will read any of our mail tomorrow, it's recorded. If he ever read one (which I really hope), it will be most likely next sunday!

edit 4: If you could please help with the arashisea project, create by my friend, that would be awesome, and it can really end up in the ear of some concert organization, that's why we all need your help to fill out this survey! Thank you very much!!!

edit 5: FOR FRENCH PEOPLE (why am I writting in English XD) Please go and vote at the Asian MUSIC eXtreme Awards 2007 at Orient-Extrême website. This guys can make a difference, they're the ones who interviewed Nino, and they have contacts and influences inside the French labels releaing Japanese music and the ones organizing concerts. So please VOTE! (especially the question "Artiste ou groupe le plus attendu en France pour un concert" XD)
Besides, there are gifts to win!
Sorry it's a survey only opened to French people or I would have translate it right away!
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(Deleted comment)
4th-Jan-2008 03:18 pm (UTC)
uwaahh..~ now I'm super excited u know??^^
I wrote an email to Sho [and Aiba..^^], joined the flist and now I have to find more people to help here!XD
there are quite a lot of references that they will come..hopefully!!:) I would soooo go..I'm lucky that Paris isn't that far away and I can be there within 3 hours!XD
thanks so much for your effort!! I will check your journal for sure!~~~
(Deleted comment)
(no subject) - Anonymous - Expand
(Deleted comment)
4th-Jan-2008 04:40 pm (UTC)
That's definitely not a thing to miss, if they really come!

I've heard them too, for now it seems that it's only USA and Hong Kong ;^; Anyway, taht's still great!
4th-Jan-2008 04:03 pm (UTC)
ok... so... I have no money whatsoever to spare... but if they're to come to Europe I'll just beg my parents for it untill I drive them crazy xD

There's NO way I wouldn't be going <3
(if I can get my sister's help we should be able to pull it off... I'm sure she'd want to go aswell xD )

I really want to send an Email.. but I really don't know what to say ^^;;
4th-Jan-2008 04:44 pm (UTC)
You'll definitely need to do anything in your power, this is not a chance to lose ne!

i've edited my post with stuff you can write in (as I've seen too much people telling me this XD), just tell that you love Arashi, how you discovered them( not too long ne), that they have lots of fans around the world, and please go to Paris in 2008 (as stated, and as the title of your mail). That would be good enough, the point is to have Sho react to this ne ^^
4th-Jan-2008 04:09 pm (UTC)
Anywhere in Europe would be fine!

I just remember that, when Miyavi held his first european concert in Germany last year, they seemed to have chosen the location because of the anime convention that was taking place at the same weekend; this way they could be sure that a larger number of potentially interested people would be in the area anyway. I think Nino should come back to Berlin, though and bring the others. ;)
4th-Jan-2008 04:45 pm (UTC)
As the biggest Japan convention in Paris (Japan Expo) is during summer, I don't think it's possible for Arashi (as it's during their annual summer tour of Japan), anyway that would be a great idea, it would help to have more people!
4th-Jan-2008 04:16 pm (UTC)
This is really neat, it would be cool if they could come to Europe! Even though I don't live anywhere near Europe either XD But I was REALLY confused by this:

"Actually, KAT-TUN was created before our band, ARASHI. This is the eldest band. Kanjani8 and NEWS were created around the same time as us."
That's not true? Was it a mistranslation or something? Because Arashi was created before KAT-TUN...
4th-Jan-2008 04:20 pm (UTC)
KAT-TUN was created inside the Juniors BEFORE Arashi debuted (they were Kinki Kids background dancers), that's what Nino meant (but KAT-TUN debuted AFTER Arashi ^^)
4th-Jan-2008 04:25 pm (UTC)
Ne ne, I also just wrote a post about it at my vox. I linked to your post here (hope that was ok .. cause this post is really awesome!) Hope we can make our dream come true!! ^-^
4th-Jan-2008 04:35 pm (UTC)
OF COURSE IT'S OK!!! IT'S TOTALLY OKAY!!!! Your post is awesome!!! You compiled the informations well!!!
Thank you for your work and I hope we will make it!
4th-Jan-2008 04:50 pm (UTC)
Joined the fanlist, wrote a mail to Sho-kun and made another fellow Austrian fan write one too. >D I'm gonna go praying now. XDD
4th-Jan-2008 04:53 pm (UTC)
*HUGS* That's the spirit honey <3
4th-Jan-2008 04:59 pm (UTC)
Poland is waiting for them, too <3~~!
OMG, if they really were to come to Europe [doesn`t matter where - !just.come.here.already! - Paris would be great, though] I would walk on my feet, run, fly, teleport to get there, to see them live xDDDD at all cost! And I`m not alone here in Poland thinking that~~~ AibaYAAAY!!

btw, it`s my first time commenting here @__@ nice to meet you!
4th-Jan-2008 05:05 pm (UTC)

You know I'm at 800km of Paris, 3 hours by train, I think people from Belgium are closer than me XDDD DOESN'T MATTER!!!! I'LL GO NO MATTER WHATTTTTT!!!!! I know everybody will do that!

Yoroshiku ^^
4th-Jan-2008 07:08 pm (UTC)
This is such a great idea! I have read some of your earlier posts about Arashi (especially Nino) liking France and becoming more aware of foreign fans in general. It's really amazing to see the dedication of the fans actually making an impact on the artists. I live in the USA and have never been to France, or Europe at all but I think it's important for ALL Arashi fans to work towards this. If the door to overseas concerts is opened with France, that means they're one step closer to performing in even more places.

If Arashi does a concert in Europe I would try my hardest to go, but even if I couldn't, I would still be happy to have supported this major step for Arashi, and for the recognition of foreign fans. I will try to spread the word about this as much as possible.

PS - The blog entry about HYD filming overseas isn't working for me, do you know anywhere else where I can find this info? Thanks in advance!
4th-Jan-2008 07:21 pm (UTC)
I'm delighted to read such reactions, this really make me happy!!! Thank you so much for commenting and helping spreading the word!

PS: You have to be in Jen's friendlist to see it. The information comes from the last "Happening Award 2008", where Abe Tsuyoshi (Akira in HYD) announced the start of the overseas filming this month, which was Hong Kong and USA ^^
4th-Jan-2008 09:08 pm (UTC)
I actually, emailed Sho and I'm from Canada. I'm giving you guys my support ♥
5th-Jan-2008 12:22 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for the support, that's the spirit dear!
4th-Jan-2008 09:12 pm (UTC)
OMG I haven't even heard any more news about Sho coming and now Jun might be coming too?!! o___O I really need to research harder >8|

And I am definitely gonna email each and every one of them!! Though with my very limited Japanese... as soon as I get the message across. And I DO want them to go to Paris!!! Hey, it's a LOT closer than Japan! (a lot cheaper plane ticket too XD)
5th-Jan-2008 01:35 pm (UTC)
We still don't know where it will be filmed yet anyway, but keep an eye around!

Please do email them, that will be awesome!!!! Thanks for your support ^^
4th-Jan-2008 09:39 pm (UTC)
I'm giving you guys my full support. When you first started this, I admit I was kinda skeptical but Arashi makes you believe in the impossible... <3

I would be so happy if they perform in France because as mentioned before it would open doors to other places as well.... In addition, Arashi would finally understand how loved they are around the world.... XDDDD

Gambatte minna, We can make our dream come true!

5th-Jan-2008 01:38 pm (UTC)
Thank you, is we don't try anything, nothing will happen. And even if it doesn't work, at least we would have tried ne!

But I'm really hoping this will work, at least a little mention of all of this would be awesome already!

Thanks for your support ^^
5th-Jan-2008 01:07 am (UTC)
So please if you know what state they will be filming(L.A. PLEASE!!!!!Please director/screenwriter LA!!!!!) tell me. I will be packing my HYD hunting down gear,and not even this horrible rain will stop me!
This is soooo exciting!
5th-Jan-2008 02:43 am (UTC)
Hey you live in L.A. area too? Let's fangirl them together! =) I live a bit far... in Corona. But I go to school in Costa Mesa.
5th-Jan-2008 02:06 am (UTC)
After listening to Sho read the email from Chile, I'm feeling like I can send one in English, at least to him :D Also, do you know where in the US they will be filming HYD? If it's in NY, it'll be impossible for me, but I can definitely find fans to go for a California shoot :D

Thanks for the info! Hopefully Paris is the first step of many for Arashi outside Japan!
5th-Jan-2008 12:20 pm (UTC)
I totally don't know where it will be. One of our guess would be NY as they've already been there, and the Japanese viewer will remember it. But that's just a guess. And maybe they'll go elsewhere (they can marry in Las Vegas for example XD)

I really hope so!
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