// lost on the web. (winkychan) wrote,
// lost on the web.

This is sho-sex-fest day \oooo/

Though it's still the 24th over here, IT'S ALREADY SHO-CHAN'S BIRTHDAY IN JAPAN SO!

I had to make a little post (though I don't know what to write on those occasions), BUT FOR THE SAKE OF ICHIBAN...

featuring Winky presents you:

So sexy I know XD

Had to rush to the backer to buy the only tiny cake left, MILLE-FEUILLE! But I want to eat a little cake in celebration of baby's birthday AMLKJFALMSDKJF LKJ <333

So in honor of this day dear ichiban, let me offer you what you like the most...


But ne, for the sake of all of us your fangirls, I'm so pleased to offer you this:

Because there's clearly something missing!

MALKJFMALKJF MLAJAMDLFKJ *still hasn't recover*

Anyway, to make us all happy, what we all need is

Perfect equation to Happiness!

So Sho-chan says "Please enjoy today <3"

You will forever be our Keio boy~ <33333

Couldn't finish without a little

*off to celebrate with some ramen and French fries*

Credits to: Tess, Yuzmade and ArashianFiles
Tags: fangirl, sho

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