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[Translation Summary] Sho Beat (2008.02.03)

Introducing today my first collaboration with dear Sho-pervy-buddy yuckie_chan who translated, though I did nothing else but uploading XD

Anyway, here you have a summary translation of the last Sho Beat, where our Sho-kun talks about being a maid Step&Go, his birthday and more :3

Download Sho Beat [2008.02.03]: Mega | MF | 4S
Credits to tenshi_angels87

Summary translation by yuckie_chan
Please don't mind yuckie_chan's and mine random comments XD

  • First he's checking the news from 1982's newspaper (the year he was born). It was about a video camera, which still used tape and whose size is still big; especially compared to the recent cameras which are tiny ^__^

  • He reads the first mail. The mail sender went to see Tsumabuki Satoshi's butai, and she mentioned that Sho seems to have a good relationship with Tsumabuki. Sho said that he was in the same drama with him (Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Otoko 2). That time they both went to karaoke everyday.

  • The news is about Step&Go jweb version, the one with package and also Cool&Soul (Dome version). He wrote all the rap in Cool&Soul Dome version, he seems very happy that it got released. (and I'm feeling unhappy he didn't play it in this show ;^;)

  • He played Step&Go

  • The Cool Beat Selection is N.E.R.D. "Everyone Nose"

  • He starts reading more mails, he received many birthday wishes in the mails. (including mine XD)

  • The first mail asked whether Sho remembers his answer for an article in 1999 Juniors concert pamphlet. (I don't have this pamphlet so I might be wrong in summarizing this). The question was something like "The you 10 years later". Sho said he didn't remember at all xD. The mail sender reminded him that he answered "a man who totally can do anything". The mail sender thinks that it's true, because sho's an idol, then a caster, then a maid, then yatterman. (ROFTL at Sho's reaction at the "maid" part xD) ("Yattermaid" I said! XD)

  • The next mail talks about Step&Go. Sho-kun seems to practice really hard for Step&Go rap. Despite himself writing it himself, at the recording it was hard for him to rap that xDDDD The mail sender also asked him to tell something about the PV. High speed camera was used, so there're some slow-motion scenes. There're be the usual scenes where the members singing. Seems like there'll be dancing too because the choreography has already set. Other than that, it seems that it was still the beginning of the year when this PV shot, so it's like the first meeting of the 5 members. For Sho-kun, it was after he came back from India (last week's Sho beat he talked about his trip to India). He brought souvenirs for the other members.

  • The next mail asked whether Sho received presents from the arashi members. Sho said he hasn't received it yet. But he received mails. Nino was the first. But the one that he talks about the most is Ohno's mail. (You should hear the way Sho reads Ohno's mail xD) (I must say he's good at immitating Riida XD I could totally picture his face XD) The first mail: "Sho-kun... it's your birthday ne. Truly, congratulatulations! See ya. Good night". Sho thinks "this person is disgusting" xDDD And moreover, Aiba's mail came on the 26th, so Sho wondered whether Aiba mistook his birthday by 1 day xDDDD

  • Then he played "Fuyuu wo Dakishimete".


  • Forgot to say he talked about the Limited edition of "Step n' Go", how there's going to be the PV with the Making of and also a secret talk, but on the DVD! (not mp3 only, so we'll see them talk ^^ )

That's it approximatively, once again thank you so much yuckie_chan for letting me publish your translation sorry to spam you about jerk while you're translating XD, I hope it was helpful, and don't forget to thank her in her LJ ne!
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