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*dance of joy*

Just got it from dear Matsubunny (thank you dear and Nanao-chan for telling me!)
Jun read an email from a French fan! ISABELLE-SAN! ARIGATO!
Read and hear it all here!
Though I would have loved for him to read anthalie's mail, which contained the French and European fanlists, but still... he said that even the American fans told him we've all waiting. And that email was really clear, explaining how we're all waiting (I'm tired of saying this XD) and how we know them. Really, merci Isabelle :))))))))))

After such a crappy day... well that makes me definitely happier than I felt today!

Btw, so sorry again friendlist and all, my schedule is just to harsh (just came back from 13 hours straight of work, w00t! \o/ *dead*) and I can't keep up. It's already lucky I can keep up with Arashi TV Shows and other stuff (like... too much releases for my wallet? XD) ;___________________; I miss you all! <3333333333

Edit: From kikinini's vox

Jun kun also mentioned that he gets many mails from America and other Countries which are asking ARASHI to visit and perform.
He said he will devote himself everyday in order to achieve it.


Edit 2: The lucky girl is aariciahp! OMEDETOU GIRL!!!! And thank you for helping us help to keep on moving in this dream ne! <3 And saying it's thanks to anthalie9's and mine encouragement makes us really happy, because it means all we did to move things wasn't for nothing, so let's continue everyone!
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