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// lost on the web.
20th-Mar-2008 10:17 pm
Sho - Scarf
I'm posting quickly before the strike begins, or I won't be able to post at all anyway.
Just to say quickly that I'm leaving for Paris and Bruxelles tomorrow for KOKIA's European tour, will hunt down to Junku to lose my money for JE mags XD And eat okonomiyaki at midday \o/
I hope this will be 3 wonderful concerts (well.. no doubt about that!), first time I'm doing a complete tour and so much concerts in a row! (well, let's wait for this summer, I'm normally doing the two Tokyo domes and the two Fukuoka domes \o/) I'm totally looking forward her performances of "Follow the Nightingale" and "Il mare dei suoni" (favorite track of her new album) *will cry for sure XD*
Aaaah and there's Laruku in May <3333333333333

Btw, mikakoo, vivisectionlj, did you get my private messages? You're still going to the concert on Saturday right?
Ok so eljay was a total jerk for not notifying me, and I'm meeting myrrha_chan too \o/ (and rarychan, hermiana and michi_yuki, but that's without saying dears <3) More fans, the better!

... And there's not enough Sho in this entry so...

Scan credit to morbid_lithe

27th-Mar-2008 08:30 pm (UTC) - sorry this is late!
;D what gave it away?

LOL, i was totally cracking up when i read your response about the two of us on the train perving on arashi but wo/no one around us understanding XDDD but i'm looking forward to it!!

to be honest, i have no plans really for my time in tokyo, so whatever you've got up your sleeves, sign me up too!! of course i'd welcome any company for the long hours i'll be queuing for the JE shop ;D

whenever works for me! email or im is fine too (do you use aim or yahoo!messenger?) either way the sn is the same as my email (which you can see on my profile, i think)

k, gotta run to a meeting, talk to you later!
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