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[sub] Golden Rush Arashi 007

Hi all! Yes it's a surprise that I'm releasing a GRA sub. Well as yuckie_chan dear is over busy and has difficulties having internet access right now, I'm in charge of subbing this episode (don't worry about episode 6 (she just released episode 5 right now), she will upload it as soon as she can. She may not have internet access quite often right now, but she will online as soon as possible).

So here is GRA#7, let me tell you that I won't eat soba before a long time, I must have watched the "steps to eat soba the cultivated way" at least 30 times @_x When I think that I usually eat soba instead of udon in ramen, and that I have ton of soba to cook at home ><
Anyway, I'm very happyyyy with this typetting, must have taken 4 times longer to typeset than timing (even with all the crazy overlapping), so please enjoy ^^

Golden Rush Arashi 007 2007.12.01
Theme: Soba
RAW credit: Aibakawaii PB (Thank you tenshi_angels87 <3)
Original translations by nyanchan, please drop her a big thank you!
Timing, typesetting, hardsubbing by winkychan

Some eye candies before :3

Mega Link
(join with HJSplit) : .001 | .002 | .003
(join with HJSplit) : .001 | .002 | .003

As usual, please don't use the sub for commercial purpose, please enjoy it yourself. It would also be nice to credit, but please link back here instead of reuploading.
Tags: arashi, gra, sub

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