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[MP3] Arashi - Only Love (recomen/Aiba version)

As requested by baka_power (sorry I wanted to post that really earlier (actually as soon as I saw it), but Naver decided to be an ass with all the streaming and I had to give up and go to work, and I tried again just now (cursing Naver to death so it finally gave up *evil laugh*)), here is a new special version of "Only Love" (credit to Ohnoholic), sung by Aiba and 2 guests (don't know who @_x ) on his last radio Show Aiba recomen (should be the one from last Friday, the 6th...) as stated on Jen's blog.

Arashi - Only Love (recomen version): Mega

ROOOFL, I just noticed that at the end they're singing "A.RA.SHI, A.RA.SHI for dreaaaaaaaam" (on the beat of "Only love" of course XDDDD~)

I hope minna got to listen to "We can make it" now (I want my LE single! I'm so pissed Yesasia pushed back the delivery of my Kiiroi Namida package >< Just because they didn't have the Photobook *ordered the OST, DVD and Photobook all at once* I'm happy I ordered the single on CDJapan @_x), I listened to it aaaaaaaaaall day loooooooong! (thank you sooooo much tenjostyle!!!! You made, like... my whole month XD)
Like... really....

ALL. DAY. LONG. (which means I really love it like WOHA!)
Sho's rap part makes me nosebleed so much *0* (even better with earphones!)

And just because... ASDFLMKJASDLKJFMLASDJFMAFLKMADSLMKFJA!!!! XDDDD~ (Ok that's really random, but seriously... ROOOOOOFL) (from MMA#98 for those who wonders)

*urg, I just killed my layout.... well nevermind XD*

Have a nice week minna~ (and don't eat too much chocolates on Easter!)
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