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[Report] L'Arc~en~Ciel - L'7 Trans ASIA via Paris, Paris concert

Just came back from Laruku's concert in paris, FREAKING exhausted.
Well all in all, I have a mixed feeling.
First it was crappily organized (like anything French anyway << ), in term of organization of the waiting line, the time we had to start queuing, the actual gate opening (which 30 minutes late) and the actual concert (which was also 30 minutes late), under the freaking hot sun.
Anyway, can wait 5 hours crashed against people (litteraly! A HUMAN SANDWICH!) for Laruku's sake.

Also bothering thing, was, like Arashi's concert in Taipei, fanclub members had priority access 3 hours earlier << Ok this is fanclub but seriously, we can't see them as often as them obviously so it's a bit unfair.
Anyway, nothing you can do about that, and I understand in a sense that they traveled especially for them.
So when the gates opened, I ran with anthalie9 and creamy_amande inside the arena to the front, ended up to the 6th row right in the middle. So at this point it was all worth the wait.
The introduction was pretty amazong, there was a big white transparent curtain and lights were projecting the introduction animation which was freaking pretty! And then, the psotlights from behind projected the shadows of Hude, Ken and Tetsu (obviously not Yuki and his drums XD) and it began!

Overall (because I'm freaking tired and can't go into details), the tracklist was freaking amazing, but the sound inside Le Zénith was crappy (I mean it, from where I was, I could only hear Tetsu and his bass, and could barely hear Hyde singing).
Also... excuse me for what i'm going to say, but the Japanese fans were freaking annoying bitches!
I'm maybe just to used to Japanese Arashi fans, but them, they were BERSERK! They would go to any means to go to the front, there was one just behind me who wasn't even hiding for pushing me forcefully with both her hands (i told her to stop to which she replied with a fake smile, then continue and I punched her with my elbow then she finally stoped << ).
After 2 minutes of concert, I moved back to the 10th row, because I was compressed too much + everyone jumping + stupid people pushing on both sides so you nearly fall + TOO DAMN HOT = I don't want to die in front of Hyde-sama XD
So I didn't enjoyed at all the first 30 minutes of the concert (from what I heard from the people in the stands (who said the 30 first minutes inside the arena looked quite nightmarish) and the people in the arena themself, that was an overall statement), but after they started singing "My heart draws a dream", then "Caress of Venus", it started getting really fun, I was finally enjoying myself.
Also if you read reports, you'll read that the concert was stopped in the middle of a song for about 10 minutes. anthalie9 told me (as she ended on 2nd row) that it was because, after the fires shooted the silver things in the air (I'mm too tired to thing of the proper English name, but you get what I mean XD), something (from the shooting of silver thingy) ended up on Ken's face, so that's why they stopped suddenly.
But when he came back, he just said "well, I went to the toilets. I had to pee 3 times" XDDDDD
All of their French talks were lovely (even when we could barely understand XD), I think Yuki was the best when he just said "I'm happy to do this concert in Paris" *ends with a stupid dorkish smile XD*
Also they did "Stay Away" with Hyde on the guitar, Tetsu singing, then Ken singing, then finally Yuki singing X33333 That was truly awesome!

As always, Tetsu threw bananas to the audience, two actually, one flew just right over my hand ;___________;

So all in all, disappointed by the fan attitude inside the arena (especially from the Japanese fans), sounds could have been better, but the performance was excellent passing the first 30 minutes, I could feel everyone was enjoying it (despise the fact it was so freakingly hot and everyone was deshydrated).
Also i was freaking annoyed at all the people filming and taking pictures (nearly 100 cameras in the air? HELLO????? I could see the flashes even on the big screen << ).
But it was cool the concert was filmed and broadcasted live in Japan! And also, the concert room was really nearly full, I could say only 100 seats left (those on the extrem left and right sides), so in that sense, it's really good!

Ok I'm dead tired, I'm going straight to bed XD
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