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Itekimasu~ (bis)

I'm leaving in few hours for Japan (that is, if the taxi strike doesn't block my mum's car to bring me and Jennifer to the airport *what a wonderful news when I woke up right now, bangshead* I'm going to kill one or two taxi drivers if they don't let me pass XDDDD Well we're leaving 6 hours earlier than planned now (to prevent any taxi driver killing) so there shouldn't be a problem)

I'll be spending 3 weeks at dear yuckie_chan's place planning to kidnap Sho together, will attend Voleyball game on the 7th to see Sho and will go to the 2 Fukuoka Domes concert on the 18th and 19th \o/
Also will be doing lots of fangirl stuff with too much people from LJ and Vox to make a list (sorry XD).
I shall update randomly once in a while like last year like if I ever bump into Sho and heal his broken thumb by magic or something then we'll go to the hotel and .... hum *getting lost*

By the way, here is my concert outfit :3

Cap design by windrette, and VS Arashi logo by Nianna @ vox (all done with permission of course)

I'll make my uchiwa in Japan (idol shops have everything I need to do it XD)

Sorry I've been a bad friend lately, work and planning this trip have eaten all my time ><

See you all minna!
And for those I'm seeing in Japan, see you soon <3
Tags: arashi, japan trip, real life

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