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[subs] Nino Cam (HIG) and random Cannes blabling

EDIT: second version uploaded, with better timing typesetting

Yay so here is my second sub ever, which I wanted to do since a looooong time, I actually started subbing it 2 months ago, but as I'm so lazy... =_= I finally finished it in a row last night yaaaay \o/ (sorry, I'm in a YAAAAY-mood XDDDD)
So here is the infamous YAAAAAAAAAY-filled Nino camera from "How's it going" concert, a must-see if you ask me, perfect to convert your friends to Arashi-crack (actually I converted most of my friends like that: Hana Yori Dango + One Tour + Nino cam = You cannot resist Arashi crack love)

The video includes ABSOLUTE ARASHI CRACK (including "RIIDA FUKUWANAI!" "FINAL BEAM" and more "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY" that you can't ever imagined (it put me in such a crack-mode that I subbed them all XDDD (how can you do when you hit "pause" and everytime you have a screenshot like that X'DDDD OMG Nino you'll be the death of me XDDDDDDDD At one point, I was laughing so hard that my mum entered my room saying "WHAT'S ALL THAT NOISE????" XDDDDDD *points at her screen*), and also Matsujun birthday song. The video uploaded is the HQ version from the DVD, NOT the cr*ppy chinese subbed one!
And as I was in the mood, Matsujun birthday song includes romanji AND translation (karaoke w00t!).
I'm not sure if I matched the correct sentences on Nino solo talk just before entering the recording room, I did my best but I still have a doubt. Demo ne, the point is that everyone can understand what he's saying, ne? ^0^;

Translation: Hwen and Ames from say_it_again
Matsujun brithday song romanji & translation: Bekkichan @ arashian.com (see the post here)

Note that, as the boys are, as always, talking all at the same time (especially when they are on crack like this XD ), the subs are overlapping, so you'll have to see them with Windows Media Player Classic. I'm currently uploading the hardsubbed version, so wait a little if you want that version :)

Nino Cam, version 2

HARDSUBBED: Mega | MF .001 & .002 (thanks so much fecundeety for the MF mirrors :)) | 4S .001 & .002

And as I almost forgot it, I've uploaded the hardsubbed version of my previous sub, as some people requested it (I know I'm soooo late @_x ), Iza Now MC Talk (well it's still uploading, I'm at 72,4% right now upload finished ^^)

And absolutely not related, but I'm even more hyper because the official selection of the Cannes Festival will be known on the 19th of April, so in 6 days, we'll finally know if "Kiiroi Namida" will be in it or not (I don't want to think about it, I DON'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT!!!! From all the Cannes Festival related blogs, cinema specialists and all, I haven't seen "Kiiroi Namida" mentioned ONCE ;0; (might it be competiting or not) I know it doesn't mean anything (because Cannes = A HELL LOT OF RUMORS), I don't want to get my hopes high, because I don't want to be desappointed, but I'm still praising for "Kiiroi Namida" to be shown OF COURSE!!! And even if IT IS shown, will the boys come???? (I mean with the schedule and all, it will be right after the promotion of "We can Make it" single, and Jun will still be filming for Bambino. And they haven't talked about it since the last Utaban) AAAAAAARGH!!! So 6 more days to waiiiiiit!!!! *still don't want to think about it too much*
Tags: arashi, cannes, how's it going, kiiroi namida, matsujun, nino, subs

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