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Sho in NY - intro and Q&A session audio recording 
15th-Feb-2009 01:57 pm
Sho - Scarf
Hi everyone.

No I'm not writting another Sho in NY report. If some of you want to see pictures of my trip and my comments, PM so I can give you access to my Facebook (of course I won't add total strangers =_= ).

In this post, I'm sharing the audio recording I made inside the theater (ooooh, bad Winky, BAD!!! *hides*), which includes the movie presentation by Sho and Miike-san, and the Question and Answer session at the end of the movie.
My aim, first, is to give away that interview from what you can hear on my crappy recording and my memory, but also, for those who waited several hours in the cold and couldn't get in, as well as those who could not make it to NY at all, well, my hope is that it'll make you feel like you were inside the theater :)

Now, it's just for my record, as my video is all shaky and can't top the HQ one floating around (thank God it exists!!!!), but here is my fancam from the NYCC of Sho waving at us... if you feel like watching this from another angle again XD

Now, for the interesting thing, SHOGRISH <33333

WARNING! I tried my best to edit the sound so the squealing are a bit less loud and Sho's voice is a bit louder... well you can hear him a bit more than what I originaly recorded but beware of the squeals anyway XD DON'T LISTEN TO THIS WITH EARPHONES!!!

Sho and Miiike-san introducing Yatterman - MP3 Download: Mega | MF

The guy in pink tells us to call "YATTER YATTER YATTERMAN" while shaking the Yatterman poster in the air that they gave us at the entrance of the theater (well, you all saw that part on TV news).
Sho and Miike-san appear.
Sho: "Hello. I'm Sho Sakurai."
Audience: "We know!"
Sho: "Thank you! *doesn't understand or remember what was said here* Yatterman is a film with a very Japanese flavor. I believe everyone can feel the same excitement from this film. *I remember this is something about transporting the Japanese pop culture here in the US and that he's happy about it or something, and then he hopes we will enjoy the film tonight ^^"
Miike-san: "Something about being popular.. err I don't remember"

*insert Yatterman movie here XD* (and I'll say it again, I LOVED THE MOVIE! It was sooooo funny, totally not a kid movie AT ALL! And scropion scene??? ONCE AGAIN LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED IT <33333333 *perverted mind flies away* BEST H!SCENE WITH SHO EVER! TOTALLY PWNS SHO'S BUTT IN KIIROI NAMIDA! XDDD Ok I'll stop here, I don't want to spoil, but please look forward to it! DEFINITELY!)

Sho and Miiike-san Q&A session - MP3 Download: Mega | MF

This is the part where I really want to make you feel like you were inside the theater :)

recap (definitely NOT word to word orz)
*movie end credits* YAY IT'S BELIEVE <3333 You might hear rainawallis and I singing, but it was just for ourselves (but the microphone was just below us so... ^^;;;;;)
*insert some squeals after Sakurap*
Guy in pink: "Who is here for Sho Sakurai?"
Most girls in the audience: *SCREAMS*
Guy in pink: "And let me hear the people who are here for director Miike Takashi?"
Most guys in the audience: *SCREAMS* (may I add that they were cheering A LOT for Kyoko Fukada during the movie (I can't blame them, she was gorgeous *0* ))
Guy in pink: I can hear the voices were lower there XD *some part I don't understan, that's also when he told us it was time for everyone to go to the bathroom if they wanted to, it was now or never... then 5 seconds later.. well no, apparently you can't go now XD* Then he asked who went to the ComicCon earlier, then who went to the panel with Miike Takashii. Then he wondered who was happy about the movie. "Let me hear who was happy with the movie?"
Audience: *SCREAMS*
Guy in pink: "Did it feel like a real Takashi Miike movie to you? For how many people was it the first Takashi Miike movie ever?"
Audience: *winkychan raises hands, and some parts of the Arashi fans* (damn, I still have to watch Crows Zero ;^; )
Guy in pink: (Seriously can't hear what he's talking about)
Sho and Miike-san appear again!
Guy in pink: "So how many people really enjoyed the film?"
Audience: *SCREAMS* (AHAHAH I just remembered Sho's face here, totally glowing with gratitude <3)
Here, the guy in pink said to Miike-san that for a part of the audience, it was there first ever Miike Takashi film, to which he said that it will be the same case for most people who will go to see the movie in Japan XD
Sho: (Insert Shogrish I can't remember, neither understand >< )
Question to Miike-san: (From what I remember, he was asked about his feelings toward Yatterman and why he wanted to adapt it. He said that when he was a child, parents didn't want their children to watch Yatterman because it was a controversary anime (yeah, remember the anime screencap... shining pants? XDDD), so it makes children want to watch it more.)
Question to Sho: (It was cute because he started to reply in Japanese... then stopped, looked at the audience and was like "Ja.. Japanese is okay? Okay" and continued in Japanese XD (because at this point of time, he was always speaking English <3) He was asked about his feelings toward Yatterman, and he said he watched the re-airing only, when he was around 5 or 6 years old, and could only remember some of the catch-sentences. *insert cute Sho!fail here* He tried to say on of the sentences "Pa pi... Pa... nantoka..." ("Pa pi... Pa... something...")
Question to Sho: (really CANNOT remember why he replied "Bikkurishimashita" (I was really surprised!) orz Then some time later, he said that he enjoyed the film reactions and that's were he said he'll let all the other members of Arashi know about the fans here :)))))))
Question to Miike-san: (Still don't remember exactly but Miike-san was talking about how Yatterman first aired on TV some times after the end of the war and Japan didn't want a superhero at this time, and Yatterman was exactly not that kind of superhero, that's why people of his generation loved it)

*Time for the questions from the audience*

Question to Miike-san: (From a Miike fan I suppose, he asked what advice he could give to young directors. To which Miike-san replied he still considered himself as a young director XD Then I totally can't remember or hear what he said afterwards)
Question to Sho: (Yes, THE question, DON'T UNLEASH THE HATE ON MY COMMENTS! Just do it on you LJ/vox/whatever, this seriously is NOT the place! So he was asked if Arashi is ever considering doing a concert in America, to which he replied he was here for Yatterman. THE END! So I hope now that you can hear the context, that well.. yes, everyone cheered. From my point of view, I wasn't even surprised the question was asked, considering the number of fans who waited, and the huge presson we've been under, starting at the ComicCon and the crappy organization. You're totally free to think this was not the place to ask such a question as it was a movie premiere, but I felt Sho was not angry at all, mostly was he a bit embarassed that he couldn't answer to the expectation. Also, Sho is a newscaster, Miike-san is NOT dumb, he hired a freaking JOHNNY'S for his movie, it's bound to happen that there will be fangirls, so I felt, really, they weren't even surprised, nor shocked, nor angry that the question was asked. To me it felt that they were all prepared for such a question to be asked, that's why Sho replied so promptly, politely, and it was a good answer. THE END!)
Question to Sho and Miike: (Question from a Japanese fan. She said she found Sho was perfect for Gan-chan part. Errr... can't hear nor remember the rest then Miike-san said he wanted only Sho for this part and nobody else... or something like that)
To Sho: (The girl from Peru giving her present to Sho. NOW AGAIN DON'T RELEASE THE HATE HERE! Do it on your own blog! I will just remember that Sho was freaking grateful about it <3)
Question to Sho and Miike: (The last question, and it's from bakushou (aka Destini <3) What was the most difficult part of filming this movie. To which Miike-san replied that during the filming process, he was scared of the staff leaving in the middle of the set or something XD *can't understand the rest*)

I also remember now, but I don't know at what point of the interview it was said (one of the "I can't hear what he's saying" part XD) that Miike-san said he was so scared of American reaction to ... hum... I don't want to spoil you... but it's a scene when something "important" disappears and two schoolgirls are running away (you'll see for yourself)... it was EXTREMELY HILARIOUS XD But he didn't know how an American audience would react to this kind of humour (it reacted incredibly well indeed XD). That was actually the part he was worried about the most, to the point he couldn't sleep last night XD
Also at some point, the guy in pink thanked the Kitano hotel in New York for hosting the whole movie staff and crew (I heard about this rumour when I was at the ComicCon, so it was confirmed true X3 ), and also thanking all the fans who waited outside and couldn't get in.


If anyone with more efficient English and/or Japanese hearing skills and/or with better memory can help complete this transcript, it's more than welcome!

Please DO NOT REPOST any of the audio, just link to this post! It's just audio so it's not like I stole Sho's image from Johnny's, but still, I don't want to be forced to lock this entry, that's why I didn't crossposted.

For the record, this is where I was on the red carpet (ASDMLKFJ SAMLJ FMJA FMJSDJ FMSDJFMLJ SF Thank God I'm tall XD), and also inside of the theater (the mezzanine is actually right above the foyer)

So that's it folks, thanks to all the AWESOME fans I met on this AWESOME day! cutetakato, rainawallis, amefurift, bakushou, gimmick_game (ZOMFG THANKS A BILLION TIMES! Without you I wouldn't have been able to get inside the freaking theater T0T ), rockthecliche, Jacquelyn, Bi, Haruka, Jurii, the Japanese okaasans i talked with, all the girls from the Sho Brigade who waited together in line at the ComicCon, all the girls I waited with, in the cold in front of the theater, and all the awesome people I met and I might have forget to mention, please forgive me. I would love to hear from you if we haven't already contact eachothers (a picture would be best, especially if you were in the Sho Brigade, too many fangirls XDDDDD), and if you have Facebook, please please PM me <3

And I hope this made you feel like you were there with Sho <3
15th-Feb-2009 01:08 pm (UTC)
Yeah peuchère!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15th-Feb-2009 02:51 pm (UTC)
Oh putaing cong, t'es passé en mode Marseillais ou quoi? XD
15th-Feb-2009 03:08 pm (UTC)
I think this is really good post *_* I'm glad I read something different (you know what I'm talking about) and LOL to the lots of flailings xD

15th-Feb-2009 08:17 pm (UTC)
You know I can't help the flialing XD
15th-Feb-2009 03:45 pm (UTC)
J'attendais avec impatience ce compte-rendu de ton expérience New-Yorkaise ^_^

J'aime beaucoup les photos avec ta localisation et celle de Sho ;o)

J'avoue que j'ai lu de nombreux autres posts sur cet événement, et que j'étais assez partagée sur ce que les fans écrivaient vis-à-vis de l'attitude de Sho face aux questions et réactions du public (sur le concert aux US et sur le cadeau du Pérou entre autres). Ca m'étonnait un petit peu qu'un artiste comme lui soit effrayé ou énervé par ce genre de réactions (un peu surpris, voire flatté, je comprendrais par contre...).

Bref, je suis ravie de ce compte-rendu. Merci beaucoup !
Ah oui, Lady_Gemma laissait sous-entendre que les enregistrements étaient interdits, etc... Tu ne crains pas les ninjas de la Johnny's ? ^_^;

Ginger Ame
15th-Feb-2009 08:25 pm (UTC)
Oui j'ai essentiellement senti le besoin de poster ça pour faire comprendre aux fans que Sho n'était absolument pas du tout énervé =_=
Enfin je comprend que c'est difficile de juger quand on était pas là, avec l'audio, j'espère que ça passera mieux ^^;

Bah je sais que c'était interdit, mais c'est que de l'audio, donc je pense pas qu'ils vont m'écorcher vive pour ça (ils tiennent plus à son image =_= ), donc je prend le risque ^^; (m'enfin, j'ai pas crossposté non plus!)
15th-Feb-2009 05:32 pm (UTC)
Aw. ;-; I'm so glad you got to go Winky. And for sharing this you are so cool. ;-; Anyway, I hope you don't mind that I linked to this post on the masterpost I made of all the NYCC things. If you do, I hope you don't mind letting me know. ,.,
15th-Feb-2009 08:25 pm (UTC)
Hi, I don't mind as long as it's just linking back here, don't worry ^^
15th-Feb-2009 07:34 pm (UTC)
yayyyy was waiting for this! thank you for the audio mwahaha now i feel like the blanks have been filled! i adore how you've screened screencapped yourself and the ASDMLKFJ SAMLJ FMJA FMJSDJ FMSDJFMLJ SF LOVING it! i'm pleased bakushou got to ask a question!
15th-Feb-2009 08:27 pm (UTC)
Yaaaaay, I'm glad you're finally able to hear this, I hope this will make it up a little bit for waiting in the cold ^^;
16th-Feb-2009 04:23 am (UTC)
Hahaha! You were flailing so much, your video is all blurry, ne? :D

Thanks for posting this Winkychan! :) I haven't forgotten you and will be mailing probably sometime this week, if I can stop by Staples and get some photo paper. ^.~

P.S. Oh dear Lord... you recorded us singing? XD I hope my voice didn't come out. I flubbed so many words! ^.^;;

Edited at 2009-02-16 04:24 am (UTC)
16th-Feb-2009 06:07 pm (UTC)
It was impossible for this video to NOT be shaky ><

Thank you!!! Please take your time if you're busy ne, I know you will send it anyway ^^

AHAHAHAHA, well, you can hear me mostly as I'm right above the mic, but don't worry, you sing so much better than me anyway ôO
16th-Feb-2009 04:28 am (UTC)
thank you sooo much for sharing the recordings! im still a bit upset that i wasnt able to go to the premiere =/ but i do feel like i was there now that i get to listen to the recordings ^^
it might take some time but ill try to decipher what was said in the recordings ^^V
16th-Feb-2009 06:09 pm (UTC)
Oh I'm glad, I'm so so glad to read such a comment, really that's what I've hoped for. I'm glad if it can make you feel a little bit better ^^
And it's sweet of you if you can take the time to decipher a bit of this messy recording XD
18th-Feb-2009 02:11 am (UTC)
Merci pour ce report, j'attendais de lire ce que tu en avais pensé et je suis contente ue ton voyage ce soit bien passé et que tu ai pu le voir! :)
On te vois meme "a coté" de lui huhuhu super ^___^
24th-Feb-2009 09:15 pm (UTC)
Je suis un peu en retard mais merciii pour ce compte rendu! :D

J'étais un peu perplexe concernant le film, je ne sais pas trop à quoi m'attendre en fait, mais là tu me donnes vraiment envie de le voir!! ^0^

*flails on shogrish♥*

2nd-Mar-2009 12:21 pm (UTC)
how late am i in reading your red carpet report? man how lucky! i kept laughing at your random keyboard smashing moments.XD it must've been an awesome day. btw. im friending you!XD
12th-Mar-2009 07:31 am (UTC)
I am very late in commenting too. :-D I had earphones plugged in when watching - without reading your warning! LOL, I can hear all the fangirl love for Sho. Thanks for sharing this! It's great that there were so much people supporting this movie - Sho must have been happy! :-)
13th-Mar-2009 08:17 pm (UTC)
Helloooo. This is Julia. I am part of the Sho Brigade. We only met briefly that day. (I was watching as Mishi filmed y'all doing the A.Ra.Shi dance. XD)

And I know this post is totally late seeing how it was almost a month ago but I got here through your sharing of the OST and Yatterbook scans (Thank you again!) and started checking out the Nino links (OMG SO AWESOME AND LUCKY!!) and naturally just progressed to the NYCC one cause it's great to remember.

But thank you for posting mp3s and recaps from the premiere. My brain was on overload that day and I was mostly focused on looking at Sho and his handsomness so I only remembered like half of it. XDD
14th-Mar-2009 05:05 pm (UTC)
Ooooh, can you tell me who you are on this picture XDDDD *makes things easier to remember for me XD*

I'm glad it made you remember things, that was my point too, to always keep this feeling with me <3
8th-Apr-2009 05:26 am (UTC)
my god you're so lucky!!

i wanna see sho ... someday too XD

by the way.. can I have your facebook??

I wanna see those pics.. lol
30th-Apr-2009 01:09 pm (UTC)
OMG! You are so lucky!! How i wish i was there too~
And i've yet to watch yatterman yet... (T_T)
wonder when will i get to watch it...
Thank you for posting this (listened to your advice and avoided listening to the clip without headphones)! ^^* I could really feel the excitement!!
30th-Apr-2009 05:19 pm (UTC)
i'm glad you could feel you were here, that was my aim ^^
I've read some countries are in talk for buying the right of the movie, so I hope you'll get to see it on the big screen before the DVD release ^^
3rd-May-2009 08:11 am (UTC)
OMG just watched the video and it seriously looks SO fun! I wanna join! xD Everyone breaking out into singing ARASHI lol.

Sadly I have a friend who's going to University in NY and I asked her if she went to this and she was like '...? Should I?'
Me: Sho was there! From ARASHI for the Yatterman movie!
She replies, 'oooooh... So THAT'S why it was so crowded.'

-.- Epic fail. Figures she only pays attention to KAT-TUN. xD;;;
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