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Picture meme (second part)

Here are the pictures of the picture meme :)))


First, peniko and labeledlikeme wanted to see... MY ROOM XD

ichaa then requested my Arashi things (then again, picture heavy orz)

My mags... when I think some fans have 50 times this amount... I already have difficulties finding space for it orz *must buy bigger boxes to go under my bed XD*

Calendars, pamphlets and paparazzi books

CDs and DVDs (AAA2008 is not in it as I've lend it to Jennifer to watch ^^)

Ceiling, requested by labeledlikeme X3

My booshelf, also requested by labeledlikeme
(As I'm the only reader in this house (I'm living with my mother only, and she hardly reads), I'm the only books owner. And because Arashi magazines have invaded most of my room's bookshelf, my other books started invading the rest of the house XD)

First from bottom are Arashi mags (Wink Up, Myojo and Cut), second are again Arashi mags (Duet and Switch), third are my favorite Fantasy books, 4th is the Harry Poter shelf (includes French and English versions, as well as JKR bibliography and other analysis books), 5th is the Arashi books shelf XD

The rest of my books, hidden by my McD diplomas XD At the top is a stack of Japanese language related books that I don't know where to put XD

My bed (though you've seen it enough already in the above pictures!) requested by labeledlikeme

cutetakato requested my favourite item I own for every Arashi member

Aiba-chan: "Wasurerarenai Hito" butai pamphlet, because it's gorgeous, and it was quite an adventure to get my hand on it. There's also the Keikarou card (Aiba-chan's family restaurant) which was presented directly to me by his mum X3 Also some glitter stuff from the Time concert I attended because that's when Aiba-chan grabbed my hand ^^

Matsujun: The Naked AnAn because I'm a pervert I had difficulties to get it, and really really wanted it for obvious reasons, and HYDF premium edition which is damn gorgeous!

Nino: OBVIOUSLY my most important treasure, Nino's autograph, the picture of Nino and me, and also another picture of Nino in front of the Ritz X3

Ohchan: Maou DVD box, because Maou PWNS! Also Freestyle book, because it reminds me how awesome thei exhibition was <3<3<3

Sho-kun: The Yatterposter I got at the NY premiere, also the NY ComicCon pass and my ticket for the premiere <3 The H issue of Sho in NY because it always brings back memories and of course Cinema Cinema because I'm in it twice XD At the bottom right is "The Beautiful Game" butai pamphlet which I hold really dear as it was hell to find!!!

alysma requested my VS Arashi and Freestyle T-shirts

The VS Arashi logo was reproduced by niannarashi, i wore it for Dream-A-Live concert and also for the Yatterman NY premiere. I also often wear the Freestyle shirt in summer because it's amlsdkjfamlsjkdfmj so damn awesome!!

hermiana asked for my sleepers!

vivisectionlj requested a picture of my piano :)

mikakoo requested the door of my fridge XD

There's usually more stickers on it, like meetings and stuff, but right now there's only my McD planning and my mum's ticket for the lottery XD (of course as it's in the kitchen, my mum sticked food magnet on it but I've slightly put Japan related ones (but she won't let me put Sho's ones ;^; )). I used to collect those ones (French people might know those, it came with a famous brand of food) but we throw them all away because it really invaded the fridge (and it didn't even looked like France with just 10 of them XD)

peniko asked for my Arashi concert tickets

There's one for Time concert (08.30.2007 in Hamamatsu), second is for the Volleyball match where Sho was the commentator (06.07.2008 in Tokyo) and last 3 are for Dream-A-Live (Tokyo Dome 06.15.2008, Fukuoka 06.18&19.2008)

niemochan requested the view from my window
As my window leads to the balcony and it's at the corner of my building, I've got two crappy views.

hermiana requested the last thing I've bought

The first book of the Twilight Series and also a toy wand which looked too much like Sailor Moon's one so I HAD to buy it XD

yuckie_chan requested something that I think is cute

I love those little dolls! They're quite popular in Japan, too bad I can only find few here, and it's only in Paris ;^; I really love them <3

alphie_damiek and tam_atm wanted to see my desk/computer.
As it's already seen in the pictures of my room, this is a picture from my point of view errr... right now XD

alphie_damiek wanted to see where I do my make up
Actually I do my make up in my room, 'cause I keep all my make up here, so here is just where it is :)

yuckie_chan wanted to see something about my work
For the info, I'm a manager at McDonald's. This is our freaking tiny 2m² desk, ohohoh I love the camera control XDDD And the view from outside (yes, tiny McD!)

twistedhalo04 requested the first thing I look at when I wake up

AHAHAHAHHAHAHA... well it's true okay!!!

mikakoo requested something I cooked

Ramen with meat sauce, raw egg and nori. It looks freaking disgusting on the picture but it was freaking good XD Though I really suck at cooking, my mum always does it and since I'm working at McD, I'm so used to see everything ready in an instant that I became a reaaaaaaaaally lazy cooker orz

niemochan wanted a picture of something I see everyday on my way to work

This is the only pretty sight orz On the right is the remaining of a plane that crashed during WWII or something like that, well it's a nice small parc anyway. During spring, the surrounding trees over here get really pretty <3

alphie_damiek asked where I keep my jewelry in

Actually... I don't have any jewelry except this: the "Sho" bracelet and the necklace Jennifer gave me (it's written my name in katakana on one side and "Friends" in kanji on the other side). I hate jewelry so that's why I don't have any XD I can't stand tiny things like this on my skin, I don't like the way it sticks. Besides I'm not allowed any jewelry at work for sanitary reasons so I've become accustomed to not have any on me. All the ones I had, I gave it to my mum.

yuckie_chan requested anything that would make me think dirty about Sho XDDDDDDD

Will totally make me think really dirty thoughts XD~

alphie_damiek requested my biggest area of clutter XD

My cupboard... I tried to clean it though XDDD

peniko requested my favorite part of my room

Because when I'm putting myself on my bed in the same position as Sho and look at the poster, it's just great (and it's freaking confortable XD)

Finally, ichaa wanted to see me ^^

Sorry, I fail at taking pictures of myself ;^;

Sorry if it was a bit long ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Thank you to those who participated, I got some really interesting requests XD
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