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[PV] Arashi - "We can make it" preview + picspam!

WAAH so happy todayyyyyyyyy!!! ヘ( ̄▽ ̄ヘ) What a great day!!! (ノ ̄▽ ̄)ノ
First, AAA DVD release this morning (already out of stock BWAHAHHAAHA XDDDD *so happy I immediately jumped on it!*), secondly, BAMBINO STARTED *still downloading* (torrent and CB) and now we have a good preview of "We can make it" PV YAAAAAAY (news found this morning on Matsubunny vox. It's from this morning Zoom in, where Jun was promoting "Bambino")

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MU | SS | WindJP CB

Edit: Awesome red_kei edited the video with the mp3 rip of "We can make it" so you don't have to hear the talks behind the video. Must I add this is just TOO AWESOME??!!§!1 You'll find it here!

For what I understood, Jun said at the beginning that he hadn't watched the PV yet.
When I first saw the screencaps, I thought "Yay colorfull" but that was all. But now that I actually saw it, I seriously LOVE IT! (if you didn't know, I'm absolutely and madly in love with this song!) It's chouuu genki, and I love the camera movements, it's simple and clean, and full of joy.
Not to add that our boys looks AWESOME!!! They look so happy! White really suits them!

Now PIC SPAM!!! (and I'm killing my layout once again *needs to make a wider layout... seriously!*)

To the kawainess, douzo~

OHMIYA SK <3 Ohno looked chou kakkoi in the PV, that's the first thing I noticed!

If you would excuse me, I just had an heart-attack! *0* (FUMIIIIII~<3 )

Jun I SOOO LOVE your Bambino hairstyle!!!

BABY IS WALKING LIKE A MODEL ZOMFG!!!!! My ovaries just exploded, so sorry XDDDDDD

If you also didn't know, I'm seriously in love with Sho rap in "We can make it"... like .... really, I just LOVE IT!!!

ROOOOOFL WTF XDDDD Arashi's ballet?

I LOVE this part of the song, and I love the pose he makes, it represents to me how the music is going back and forth and back (aaaaaaaw, I love it *0*)

SHO SAID YOU CAN MAKE IT FFS!!§§!11 XDDD ~<3 (yeah sorry I'm tired)

Riida KAKKOI!!!! He looked sooooo happy!!!

Welcome to Arashi's playground <3

@%$£$ Just when it was this GORGEOUS shot of Sho-baby, it stopped T0T Well he stills looks awesome <3

Kore kara mo, yoroshiku ne~

I think I'm going to go photoshop berserk now (even with all the ads everywhere on the screencaps XD) *did a new Last.fm icon \o/ *off to bed**
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