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Links revival

Hello everyone! (is there still someone reading here? It's been more than 6 years orz )

Anyway, I've just got back in the fandom, and well, how frustrating it must be to be a new Arashi fan nowadays... all the links are gone..

It was more than time to revive my links. That's where I need your help. I've reuploaded most of the subs and the scans to Mega but I've lost some of my files and the mediafire links don't work anymore.
If you have the file and can reupload it, please post below in the comments and I'll update the related posts. You're also more than welcome to provide mirrors to the existing files too, any help is welcome :)

Missing files
[sub] Zoom in Super - Ohno Satoshi (2007.04.07)
[Video] Bambino - Opening Credits
[Video] Arashi - We can Make it! (PV MP4 version)
[Video] Arashi - AAA+ in Tokyo Dome fancam
[Video] KOKIA - Chouwa oto ~with reflexion~ Live in Paris 2007
[Misc] Arashi - How's it Going pamphlet audio

I won't post anymore entries (like video uploads or scans... I haven't bought anything in ages) but I promise to read the new comments and edit and maintain what I can here.
I've posted a similar entry to arashi_yuuki, with the permission of yuckie_chan, membership is no longer moderated, so feel free to join and help reupload :)
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