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[Tutorial] How to watch Japanese TV and listen to Japanese Radio live online

It has come to my attention that my old tutorials about watching Japanese TV online and listen to Arashi radio show live were clearly outdated, so it was more than time to update it all.

Please note that I've lonly recently came back into the fandom and this are the methods I've found or made up myslef in two months, so if you have better/alternative options, please feel free to share in the comments and I'll update this post with it/link back to whatever you might suggest that works.

How to watch Japanese TV online

Last updated: July 2017

  • mov3 (list links to streaming of the main Japanese channels. Check the mirrors page if there's too much lagging)

  • Fuji.TV Live (contrary to what the name suggests, it has all the channels, and most of all, you can rewatch videos up to 6 days prior, it also has an awesome debit. Update: As of July 1st, this service is not free anymore.)

  • miomio.TV (This is not live streaming, but they upload every shows just few minutes after they finish airing. A nice compromise, debit is good and MQ quality. You need to search for the shows in Japanese.)

  • Woderful Japan (only in French, but easy to understand where to click, uses mostly Vaughn streaming)

  • MokoDojo TV (most coplete list of channels. Can be a bit lagging)

Arashi Regular TV show schedule

I use a great Android application named アラーム (Arashi alarm) (it seems to exists for iPhone too, if anyone can test it, I hate Apple XD). It's all in Japanese obivously, and the alarms for the shows are to the Japanese air time, so if your phone is not on the Japanese time, well it's useless to use the alarm, but it's great because it's up to date with upcoming movies and dramas, and you're also updated with the magazines releases.

Anyway, as of January 2016, here is the TV schedule of Arashi regular TV shows (nb: all time is Japan time, check the current time in Japan here, and calculate the time for your time zone here):

  • Monday : News Zero from 11PM to 11:59PM on NTV

  • Thursday: VS Arashi from 7PM to 7:57PM on Fuji TV

  • Thursday: Sakurai Ariyoshi THE Yakai from 10PM to 10:54PM on TBS

  • Saturday: Tensai! Shimura Dobutsuen from 7PM to 7:56PM on NTV

  • Saturday: Arashi ni Shiyagare from 10PM to 10:54PM on NTV (will start at 9PM starting April 2017)

  • Sunday: Nino-san from 12:45PM to 1:15PM on NTV

  • Sunday: Aiba Manabu from 6PM to 6:30 PM on TV Asahi

I personnaly use Wunderlist to maintain the alarms to my local time (as I can't use the previous app with my local time) and it works just fine, but any checklist management app will do ^^

How to listen to Japanese radio online

Updating this one was easier and trickier at the same time. It is easier because a legal and official solution exists. It is trickier because you have to get a Japanese IP adress (if you don't understand what that means, in brief, if you don't live in Japan, well scr*w you XD)

Anyway, there are 2 solutions (iving in Japan is not one of them, even if it is indeed a solution XD ):

Solution #1: Get a paid VPN service
If you want to know more about VPN, please head over here. A VPN service will change your IP adress so that you can unblock websites restricted in your country. It will also make you anonymous on the internet. I strongly recommend anyone to get a paid VPN service if they can, especially if you use torrents and P2P programs. I've personnaly used VPNTunnel for a year now and I'm really happy with it (it's like 30$/year). Other services exist  obviously,.. if you want to ininvestigate more and ask the community, I strongly suggest that you wisit /r/vpn on Reddit.
Anyway, is you opt for this option, once you've installed everything, just change your location to Japan, and you're all set.

Solution #2: Use a free VPN service
So that was the tricky part! I searched high and low for a free alternative, and this is difficult. Free VPN services exist of course, there's even extensions for your Firefox and Chrome, and even if a free service will be slower than the paid version, very good free service exist... except... not for Japan (even DotVPN, which seemed promising, but don't be fooled! When you select Japan, you're actually relocated to Egypt orz)! I tried, I tried and I tried, and I finally found a solution, now hear me out and read everything carefully!

  • We will use VPN Gate. This is a free project and you can get directly on the website to get your prefered program, I will tell you here my method, but it's obviously not the only one, it's just to make it easier for everyone.

  • Download and install Open VPN

  • Go to the public free VPN Cloud page.

  • Search for Japan in the list, then download the file under the "Open VPN" column (several "Japan" might be available, so if one is not working, just try another).

  • You will get a file with the ".ovpn" extention (you can rename it to whatever you want, just don't change the file extension). Place it in the "Config" folder in the Open VPN installation files (most likely at C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config )

  • Launch the OpenVPN program by right clicking on it and select "Run as administrator".

  • A grey icon with a padlock will appear on the bottom right of your computer window.

  • Right-click on it and select the name of the file you just downloaded (I renamed it "Japan"), then "Connect".

  • If a login and password is asked, type "vpn" for both.

  • The icon turns green? CONGRATULATIONS! You're virtually in Japan now!

  • You can check your new IP location here.

Now that we've finally got our Japanese IP address, we just have to go to the official websites for the radio stations. They all use the same service called Radiko, which is really convenient ^^ For the sake of this entry to stay relevant longer, I will also link to the radios webpages, in case they change service in the future.

Arashi Radio Show Schedule
As for the TV Shows, all air time is in Japan time, check the current time in Japan here, and calculate the time for your time zone here:

If I've made any mistakes, please notify me!
Note for the future: This post was made in early 2016 and might become obsolete in the many years to come!
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