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[Tutorial] How to use Clubbox and more features for advanced users

***updated on March 2017***

So you're new to the Arashi fandom and are tired of not finding working links anymore? Or you just came back in the fandom and are like "why has everything changed whyyyyyy?" totally not based on my experience from 3 months ago *whistle*

Well fear not my friend because there's an easy solution for you! Use Clubbox and you will find everything you want, no sweat!
On the downside of things, it's all in Korean and the DL speed is slow. BUT...but but you will get what you want in the end ^^

I must note that this tutorial is mainly based on this one, although I added some things because I ran into a few problems that will be covered here, and there's also some added features that you will find at the end of this post.

Clubbox is a korean p2p program, you can kinda compare it to torrent, but it has its own system. The main website can be accessed here: http://www.clubbox.co.kr/
What you need to know is:

  • To register, you will need to do it ONLY FROM INTERNET EXPLORER. Then, to search and download files you will need to do it ONLY FROM GOOGLE CHROME (yes I know, it's stupid, but I tried everything, and only this way works!). BUT I had feedback from people who said only IE worked, so I guess you'll have to find for yourself sorry *sob*

  • The website and most of the search terms are in korean, thus this tutorial. You will find at the end of this entry a list of popular Arashi search term in Korean to help you in your quest of buying more hard drives foryour Arashi files XD (let's not talk about if you're a fan of more than one Johnny's band XD)

How to register a Clubbox account

  • A page will load, click on the button on the right with the globe to register and overseas account

  • A registration form will appear, you have to complete it accordingly (click on the picture for full resolution). WARNING! That's where I encountered some difficulties, If you use Internet Explorer and it asks you to show all the contents because of security reasons, accept it (the message will appear at the bottom of the page and then disappears a few seconds later. Reload the page if you missed it. You will know you have this problem if the field for your email address doesn't appear)

  • This page will appear (if it doesn't, check the warning above), check that everything is ok, check the box, note the code somewhere just in case, and click to ficish your registration.

  • You will then be taken to the homepage, just enter your login information at the top and click the blue button to connect.

YAY you're now connected to Clubbox!

Donwloading a file
Second step, we will download a file and install the Clubbox client the right way!
This tutorial only works with Google Chrome (I had HUGE problems with Clubbox with their latest update in March and that's the only way I could make it work!)

  • Search for a file on the clubbox homepage (anything really, just write "Arash"i and grab the first thing that appear)

  • This search page will appear, check the box next to the files you want to download, and click on the light blue button with the arrow at the top (the second one on the left). You can select multiple files. The first button is for quickdownload only, we will get to that later.

  • It will download a program called PdClubBoxNativeLauncher-Setup.exe, install it (if it shows weird characters, it's normal, it means your computer doesn't read Korean X3 )

  • Once everything is installed, Clubbox will start and ask you where you want to download your files. Select your prefered folder and click "save".

  • Your files will then start downloading... but it's not good looking isn't it? So let's fix it!

  • Unless your computer is set to Korean, most of the characters won't appear properly on Clubbox, and will be saved on your computer the same way. So we will use an old Microsoft program to quickly fix it called Microsoft AppLocale utility. It's no longer available on Microsoft website but fortunately you can get it using the wayback machine at this link. I also did a MEGA and MF mirror. So download it to the root of C:\ IMPORTANT: Is you have Windows 10, this will not work, you have to do this easy procedure instead.

  • If you have Windows 7 and above, you will need to do a certain procedure.

  • Click on the start icon, and type cmd. cmd.exe will appear as a result, right-click on it and select "run as administrator".

Excuse my French but you get the picture XD

  • If you've correctly downloaded (or placed) apploc.msi in the root folder of C:\, just tape "cd\" then press "Enter". then just tape "apploc.msi" and press "Enter", the program will then install successfully no matter your version of windows.

  • Once the installation is done, in the list of your programs in the startup menu, you will find it in a folder called "Microsoft AppLocale".

  • If you're not running on Windows XP, right-click on it and select "Properties". Thank go to the "Compatibility" tab, and under the "Compatibility mode", check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select "Windows XP (service pack 3)" in the dropdown menu.

Excuse my French once again XD

  • Save, then run the program. Click next and on this window, select "Launch an application", enter the path to Clubbox.exe (usually C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Zettamedia\PdClubBox) and click "Next"


  • Next window will select the language of the application (it should be selected automatically, or else search for Angul)

  • Next window, click on "Create a shortcut", name it, and click "Finish".

  • The shortcut will appear on your desktop. Now you can lauch Clubbox from it and it will be all beautiful ;) (a popup will appear each time asking you if it's ok to run applocale, yes it is, say OK!) Click "Log in" at the top of the application, enter your login information (if you don't, you can still download, but you will not cumulate mileage points and that's sad) and you're all set. Don't forget to check the "Config" tab to config the program to your liking (it's all in English) and click the "Start" button to strat the transfert (only one at a tikme is allowed).

  • WARNING! You have to run Clubbox through applocale (using the created shortcut) FIRST, then go to the clubbox homepage and download what you want. If you don't proceed in this order, it will stay with the weird characters, and what's more, you're old downloads won't resume properly and you will cry!

Using your mileage points

  • As stated at the beginning of this post, despite how great Clubbox is, the downside is that it's slow. Depending on the availability of the file, the download speed will be between 20 kbps and 50 kbps. But there's a reward program inside Clubbox that will allow you to increase this speed.

  • The more you let the program running, the more you will cumulate mileage points. You can check your current credit on the "Mileage" tab. When you reach 1000points, you can start exchanging it if you want.

  • If you wish to exchange your points, click at the bottom on the "Mileage exchange" button. You will be taken to this page. Log in using your Clubbox account.

  • Scroll down and click on THE SECOND TAB (it's really important! Don't use your points on the first tab, I did this the first time and lost 5000 points, because the first tab is for coupons for green files, and from what I saw it's just Korean subbed files... nothing I need ;_; )

  • You will get 4 options to choose from. In the orange bubble is the amount of mileage points needed. If the checkbox under it is purple, it means you've got enough points.

  • I currently have 5330 points so I can get the first 3 coupons of my choice.

  • The 1GB coupon costs 1000pts will let you quick download up to 1Gb and is available for 3 days.

  • The 5GB coupon costs 3000pts will let you quick download up to 5Gb and is available for 7 days.

  • The 10GB coupon costs 5000pts will let you quick download up to 10Gb and is available for 10 days.

  • The 25GB coupon costs 10000pts will let you quick download up to 25Gb and is available for 20 days.

  • I'm gonna grab the 1GB coupon by clicking on the purple button under it. I click OK when the 2 popups appears which confirms that it will cost me 1000pts

  • A new page appears which confirms I got my coupon on the 2016/02/03 using 1000pts.

  • Remember that a 1GB only lasts 3 days, so use it quickly, points are long to obtain. Now to use it, go to your clubbox where you're currently downloading slooooowly. Click on the file you want to download fast, and click on "Quick Download" at the bottom of the window.

  • A popup named "Clubbox item list" will appear. Check at the bottom that the right coupon is selected (in case you have several you lucky you) and click the "Confirm" button at the bottom.

  • You can also quickdownload a file directly from the website by clciking the left button instead.


  • If you ever get any of the L001 or L005 error while trying to login into the program, first try to run it without going through applocale (just run it from its initial location: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Zettamedia\PdClubBox\clubbox.exe, to do this, you should activate the option to see hidden folders in Windows, see this tutorial), and see if you can login properly. If you can, just check on your shortcut for running clubbox through applocale that the compatibility is indeed for windows XP(right click on the shortcut>Properties>Compatibility>Execute this program etc... is checked and Windows XP is selected). If nothing is still working, just uninstall clubbox and reinstall it from scratch. If it's still not working, I don't know, don't ask me! I rewrote this whole damn tutorial in March 2017 because I had this exact problem, and the only solution was to use Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer or Firefox and to get the program directly from there.

  • You can resume your files if you've quit the program or restarted your computer. Don't forget to always use the applocale clubbox shortcut. Just lauch the program and a window will appear. Just click "Add Down list" and all your downloads will be loaded. Don't forget to click on "Start" if your Clubbox is not set to start the downloads automatically (you can change it in the "config" tab)

  • Your downloading files are saved on your computer as one with a _CRCDATA_ extension and one with a _NEO_ extension. You need to keep them in order to resume your downloads.

  • Sometimes, even if your download is done, some files will not rename themselves without the clubbox extension. You will have to do it yourself. Delete the _CRCDATA_ file, it is not needed anymore, and just remove the _NEO_ at the end of your file. There, it's ready to be used :) If you're not sure which file to delete, just check the file size, the bigger one is the one you downloaded :)

  • If you connect to your clubbox account using another browser or computer, the website will automatically asks you to change your password (for security reasons I suppose, I know it's super bothersome). All you have to do is fill the form like this and you'll be all set.


  • If you ever encounter a problem where the program just shuts down after the installation (usually when you try to select the download folder), please desactivate your security software (firewall, antivirus) and retry.

  • If you ever get stucked at the registration form (you fill the form, click the bottom button and nothing happens), first check if there's no extra orange text appearing near the boxes, it means there's a problem with how you filles it (wrong formatting, or you forgot to pick something from a dropdown menu). Second, you must asbolutely use Internet explorer. I don't know why, but no other browser works for the registration process, so just use it (and later, you must use Google Chrome to browse the website to be able to download. Yes. I know. Don't ask me why, I already had difficulties figuring that out to make everything work *facepalm*)

Help for searching files on the Clubbox homepage

Clubbox is great for all your raws need, and finding really old files, but it can be challenging because all is in Korean, and... well most of the files names are in Korean too. Sometimes it's also available in Japanese which might be easier,and English works from time to time, but to be sure to get what you're searching for, I will help you by giving you a list of popular search for Arashi files in English, Japanese, and Korean.

  • English / Japenese / Korean / Chinese

  • Arashi / 嵐 / 아라시 / 嵐

  • Aiba Masaki / 相葉雅紀 / 아이바 마사키 / 相葉雅紀

  • Matsumoto Jun / 松本潤 / 마츠모토 준 / 松本潤

  • Ninomiya Kazunari / 二宮和也 / 니노미야 카즈나리 / 二宮和也

  • Ohno Satoshi / 大野智 / 오노 사토시 / 大野智

  • Sakurai Sho / 櫻井翔 / 사쿠라이 쇼 / 櫻井翔

  • VS Arashi / VS嵐  / VS아라시 / VS嵐

  • Arashi ni Shiyagare / 嵐にしやがれ / 아라시니시야가레 / 嵐的大挑戰

  • Nino-san / ニノさん / 니노상

  • Aiba Manabu / 相葉マナブ / 아이바마나부 / 相葉愛學習

  • Sakurai AriyoshiTHE Yakai / 櫻井有吉THE夜会 / 사쿠라이 아리요시 THE 밤연회 / 櫻井有吉的危險夜會

  • Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen / 天才!志村どうぶつ園 / 천재!시무라동물원 / 天才!志村動物園

  • Arashi no Shukudaikun / 嵐の宿題くん / 아라시의 숙제군 / 岚的宿题君

  • Mago Mago Arashi / まごまご嵐 / 마고마고 아라시

  • C/D/G no Arashi / C/D/Gの嵐 / C/D/G의아라시

Most of the time, results written in different language will appear even if you haven't searched using this language. Anyway, better safe than sorry.
If you need more, just go to the wikipedia page of the band/tv program you're looking for and check the wikipedia page in Japanese and Korean ^^
If you need to know the Korean name of something, you can search Naver with the original Japanese name and in most of the results, you can see the Korean name appearing.

I hope this helps you get your Arashi dose ^^ I know it's hard for new fans around here, this is definitely your solution (and buying a Japanese dictionnary *pat pat* ) I know some people use Baidu service but I'm absolutely clueless about it, clubbox is my way to go ^^ I know I will definitely find everything on it, even that obsolete Arashi promotion on Zoom in from 2004 or whatev!

If I made any mistakes, please notify me!

Now go grab them files, and watch them aaaaaaaal!!

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