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It's been a while, it's meme time 
8th-Nov-2016 05:31 pm
Sho - Scarf
I am totally and shamelessly stealing this from tapsilogue (oh how I miss the old LJ memes days)

1. Favorite Album
I'm very biased by Time because that's the first album that came out after I joined the fandom, so it's really important to me, but for me the most achieved album is definitely Dream~A~Live. I'm a sucker for albums with intros (and interludes), how I wish they did more of that! This album has really an Arashi sound, is well balanced, great songs, I just like the funky, jazzy feel of this album! And the solos damn it, the solos!

2. A Sho picture you can’t take your eyes off

Yeah you all thought that I was going to post that Anan photoshoot right? *wink wink*
This is my fave Sho-chan picture, I should frame it, I should make it my phone bg! Can't take my eyes off of you Sho-chan!

3. Favorite pairing
I ship ShoxFood, see question 2 for reference; bless this video!

I also ship ShoxCliff Climb!! That's love <3

All in all, I just live for Sho:fail!!

Oh yeah, and I bro!ship Sakuraiba and Yama X3

4. A song you fell in love with at first sight/hearing
Only one??? Ahh, I'll break the rules!
First one will be Pikanchi because that's the song that baited me into Arashi music! I just loved it right at the start, it was amazing, unlike the few other popish songs of them I've heard, and I was sold!
Second is my ultimate favorite Arashi song which is "Tokei jikake no umbrella", the arrangement is sooooooooooooo good, I'm so glad they could performe it in Arafes, I just love it that much!
Third is really recent because it's obviously MIIIIIIIIIIILES AWAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Do I have to argument? No. Thank you Riida for this masterpiece!

5. Favorite AnS Moment
I'll pic my favorite episode which I'm never ever bored to rewatch, which is episode 71 with Asakusa Kid and the segment (whole episode? XD) with the stinky food, more specifically the part where Riida gets inside the box with the canned horrible stinky food which I don't remember the name? That's an epic TV moment!

Bonus: Any moment with Sho-chan mimiking something (jumping, dressed as a cat etc, he's a master!)

6. Which Arashi members eye do you like?
Matsujun's eyes are objectively mesmerizing! For me, he acts with his eyes, you can see all the range of his expressions and emotions passing through it.

7. Favorite song to sing/dance in the shower
I'm totally biased by the new album so YAS PLEASE BLAST BAAAAAAAAAAAAD BOOOOOY!!!!

8. Favorite Member English

9. Favorite group picture
The choice is infinite but this one forever because this is Arashi!

10. A Song you didn't like at first but ended up liking it eventually
I have to say "Asterisk", only the live performance in "The Digitalian" concert made me like it. The overuse of autotune pushed me off really bad at first, and for a very long time until I watched that perf, now it's fun to listen to it (and I really love the "Universe Universe Eien naru basho de  Kyoumei se yo Zutto never, never, never make you cry / Galileo Galileo Nuri kaeteku sense  Shoumei se yo Motto deeper, deeper, deeper Susume" part!
Actually, the Digitalian concert made me appreciate Arashi's electro pop songs more, like "Intergalactic". Damn I love "Intergalactic", watch me blast it in the car. I should do an electro Arashi playlist, first song would be "BAD BOY" YAS I'M DOING THAT TOMORROW XDDDD

11. An Ohno picture you can’t take your eyes off

Riida legit makes the greatest faces, I couldn't even choose properly *insert any screenchot from Don't you get it making*

12. Sweetest Arashi moment
Anything from the 15h anniversary! This is Arashi!

13. A Song that makes you sad
I'm biased by the last album once again,  so I'm choosing "Mata kyou to onaji asu ga kuru" aka "stop breaking my heart Nino!". Also "Carry on" forever, will I ever see a live version of this song ;________; I was so bumed in Time concert when they sang "Be with you" instead of this one TAT

14. Favorite Arashi PV
"Don't you get it" totally stole "Happiness" spot! This is Arashi!

15. Least favorite song
I have to say "Mikazuki" which could have been an OK song if it wasn't for all that stupid autotune! Now I can tolerate autotune in electropop songs, but this is a BALLAD! AAAAAAAAH!
Also please add "Monochrome", for the disappointment, it's a great song until the bridge and the chorus, what happened???? This was my jam! Why do you change of style in the middle of the chorus and try to mix two uncomplementary different styles???? What drug did you use guy who arranged this song??? Such a waste, I'm mad when it comes up in my playlist 'cause I can only listen to half of it! >< (even LOVE perf cannot save it for me)

16. A song that makes you motivated
Nothing motivated me more than electropop nowadays, so hear my holy trinity of motivation songs: Bad Boy + Asterisk + Intergalactic!

(Nino is me during the commute to work)

17. Member/s wearing the Wackiest outfit you’ve ever seen
PLEASE (vvvv this one I've seen it live in person and it's even worse than you imagine XD )




18. Funniest Moment
OMG SO HARD TO CHOOSE BUT SERIOUSLY THIS MOMENT HAD ME IN TEARS! I laughed so much my nieghbors surely heard me! And it's not even because of Sho!fail, it's Masu!fail XD

19. Favorite Arashi Song

GIF credit baboy-19@tumblr

20. A Nino picture you can’t take your eyes off
OK I'm totally a spoiled brat for saying this but nothing in this world can beat the picture of Nino and me, it's seating gloriously on my desk since then and I'm burried in feels everytime I look at it X3

21. Cutest Moment
Oooooh myyyyy, any A no Arashi experiment, any members celeberating another member birthday.
Also drunk Juntoshi bursting into Sho's room in Hawaii X3

22. Favorite Sakurap in an Arashi Song
"Still..." sakurap is the very best, finest sakurap, it's so harmonious and powerful! Also this and this asdfmlkasdfmldakjf

23. Chibi Arashi picture
Not really chibis anymore, but this picture from Pikanchi photobook, Aiba-chan family dog (I think it's Atom?). It's also displayed at Aiba-chan's family restaurant in a tribute frame, when he passed away.

24. The Most Emotional Moment
Give me all that good 24hr tv crying material.

The most powerful one for me is not Aiba-chan's letter (although I'm fond of it dearly) but Nino's letter, because it's the real Nino, without the variety/performer mask. He doesn't cry and doesn't show his real emotions often, so that was a rare sight <3

25. Favorite Single
GUTS! is packed with greatness and an awesome cover! Love GUTS!, Fly and LOVE WONDERLAND dearly!

26. An Aiba picture you can’t take your eyes off


27. Favorite hair style of each member

28. A Jun picture you can’t take your eyes off

ARE YOU READY OJISAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! Suppin Digitalian is the greatest gift to mankind fandom and I'm so glad of how Matsujun's personality evolved through the years, He's the cutest cinnamon roll now! Stop it MJ!!!!! Sho-chan is my ichiban, not you amdfklsmldakjflmskdjf *internal battle* EVERYONE IS ICHIBAN, RAINBOW PARTY!!!!!

29. Favorite Concert DVD
Gnnnnnh, rating it is!
1. The Digitalian: OK this was reaaaaally hard for me, it's nearly a tigh with Japonism! But I do prefer the setlist of this concert, actually, I think it's the best setlist because the regular "dance with the audience" songs (Oh Yeah! Hadashi no mirai) are very few, and other songs out of the Digitalian album are remixed! (Troublemaker, Lucky Man), so I have this feel that this concert is very true to his concept, which I feel slightly less in "Japonism". Also there's the fact that there's the 15th anniversary celebration in the second part, with all the other songs they could have sing during the concert, so it's clearly neatly separated, it's like watching two different concerts in a row, I love this! ALSO HOPE IN THE DARKNESS HELLOOOOOOOOO? If I want to explain the amazingness of an Arashi concert in 10 minutes to a non Arashi fan, I'm definitely showing this perf!
2. Japonism: If it wasn't for the setlist that I find slightly (but only very slightly) less attractive than the Digitalian, it would be first. Don't get me strated on the amazing level up of the penlights work! What are you going to do next for Are you happy? Matsujun??? I cannot wait!
3. Time: I'm biased because this is the first Arashi concert I attended, and it was Arena. So the DVD is not really like my memories but this concert has a special place in my heart obviously!
4. Arafes '12 and '13: It's like the best concept MJ could havecome up with! The setlist is just like eveything an Arashi fan could dream of! Takei jikakae no Umbrella? check. Eyes with Delight? check. Members appearing in solos? check. A troupe of professional dancers? check. Female dancers appearing with members? check.
5. Iza now: Oh my precious baby! Not counting ONE digest, it's the very first Arashi concert I watched! Actually I bought the DVD without even checking it online first and was hooked immediately, that night, I watched it 3 times in a row. That's actually the concert I watched the most, not gonna lie, it's over 100 times! Love love love it!

30. First Arashi Drama and Song you watched and heared
The first Arashi drama I've watched was Hana Yori Dango, and that's how I was Jun-baited in Arashi. I actually arrived in the fandom around october 2006, just before HYD season 2 started and when GnA ended.
But the first Arashi song I actually heard was "Kitto Daijoubu" in April 2006, when a friend found the PV (she was not an Arashi fan), and shared it with me to laugh at it. I did laughed at it hysterically then totally loved it, but that wasn't enough to bait me. Only after I did some research on HYD cast did I found out that Jun was "that rainbow guy on that ridiculous PV" X3

I must say, thank god I tag my shit on tumblr XD
8th-Nov-2016 11:40 pm (UTC)
OMG you like Bad Boy?! SO DO I!!!!!!!

And those gifs are perfection! Love them to bits~
9th-Nov-2016 05:58 am (UTC)
YAAAAAS *highfive*

9th-Nov-2016 10:52 am (UTC)
I agree! There are so many people liking Bad Boy so why all of the hate?
*highfives back*
9th-Nov-2016 03:17 pm (UTC)
Someone told me the other day that it's older fans who tend to like bad boy lol.
Yeah well I was born the same year as Ohno so maybe she's right.
But my niece and nephew are 6 and 3 and everyday theyre like "amma berry bat boi!" and "pa pa pa papoy, pa pa pa papoy" 😊

It is awesome and I cant wait to see the live. It's now a mandatory car song, along with Drive.

Edited at 2016-11-09 03:18 pm (UTC)
9th-Nov-2016 11:32 pm (UTC)
XD XD aw....they are embrassing you! so cute!
I'm young, born in 2002 (A Day In Our Life is my fave song from that year)
10th-Nov-2016 01:07 am (UTC)
Aaah... Being 24 is the best!
Here'a a little Bad Boy for you ☺
10th-Nov-2016 02:14 am (UTC)
Aw...that's a large age gap here XD
And thanks for the video!
And crap~ I haven't friended you yet!
9th-Nov-2016 03:13 pm (UTC)
*insert any screenchot from Don't you get it making*

I have Bad Boy as my alarm tune now, the last bit starting from 3:13 until it ends.
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