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[DL] Ohno @ Waratte iitomo + Bambino OP + Future MP3

I barely couldn't sleep tonight because I was so hyper waiting for the PV @_@ (thanks to Jen's blog for the informations!), woke up at 6:00 AM (1:00 PM in Japan), waited for 4 freacking hours, still not seeing a single comment coming and went back to sleep. I saw the first comment around 2:00 PM (9:00 PM in Japan) and I started to be excited like hell, searching like mad XDDDDD

AND IT'S STILL NOT FREAKING ONLINE!!!!! ナンデェェェェ~!!! It's been 13 hours now since it aired o(*≧д≦)o (I know complaining won't help, but I'm WAYYYYYYYYYYY too hyper).
IT'S ON JPOPSUKI *feels relieved* I totally couldn't think it will be up on torrent first, that's why I didn't check *kicks herself* Thank you so soooo much techni_teddy!

So I decided to upload Riida on Waratte Iitomo (o゚ー゚)o<
Ohno was chouuuu kawaii, a bit out of it (as always XDDDD), I think at the beginning he talked about how he used to draw "Dragon Ball" during school, and after that he said how he entered JE (being in the back at the audition, waving to his mother because he couldn't see, than Johnny-san getting all mad and calling him to the front and then saying "YOU are good")... Riida, aren't you tired of telling this story, it's the 3rd time I'm hearing it XDDDDD Still, it was entertaining (and I rabuuuu Tamori-san!)
Oh, Cap'tain called Ogura-san after that, kawaii~

Ohno on Waratte Iitomo [2007.04.26]: Mega | MF | 4S
Credit: my12 CB

I'm in such a "We can make it" frenzy that I also cut out Bambino's OP that we've got to see in ep2 (still don't know why they don't have a freaking washing machine in such a big and luxurious restaurant @_x In my small McDonald's, it already takes 2 hours to wash everything WITH a HUGE washing machine.... I don't want to imagine it without orz)

Bambino Opening Credits (We can make it!): MU

On another side, tenshi_angels87 ripped and uploaded "Future" (3rd track from "We can make it" single") here, extracted form last night "All Night Nippon" which Sho and Riida attended.
I'm so happy Arashi is making rock again, even if it's aaaaaaaaall genki and all (it's not like "Pika☆nchi" for example XDDDDDDD), this song is so hyper, I love it so far, even with the crappy quality! And for the life of me, I can't imagine how Sho-baby managed to do his rap @_x IT'S SO FAST!
It almost made it up for waking up so early this morning, at least, I got to listen to it ( 。>ω< 。)
So, go grab it minna~

I'm still chouuuu hyper @_@

..... I'm sure the PV will be put online like... 5 minutes after I'll go to sleep orz
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