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My stance on the Livejournal/Dreamwidth issue 
8th-Apr-2017 12:37 am
Sho - Scarf
Hi everyone!

So as you may know, a lot of people are closing their LJ to move to Dreamwidth regarding the new TOS.
As for me, I don't intend to close my LJ at all, I will still post here. I was backing up at Dreamwidth since some months now as a precaution, but today I finally updated everything with the same layout, so if you prefer to follow me there for whatever reason, please do so here:

I repeat, I will crosspost on both plateforms, so if you don't want to go to dreamwidth, I'll still post here. This is just a precaution. (I still need to update every LJ links in every entries, this will take forever *sob*)

Basically, I prefer it here, but i the end, I'll just go wherever the fandom will go, that means, wherever the main Arashi communities will go.
My main, and only issue with all of this is if the old and unmaintained communities are purged, that would be catastrophic! I don't want to relive another Megaupload tragedy! I'm working on a tutorial to help people (especially new fans) to get around finding subs and raws without help (while respecting the rules, duh!), because it might be time for you to download what you postponned for so long :/

Anyway, those waiting for News Zero, it will be released on Saturday or Monday, I had great difficulties getting the raw this week, sorry D:
8th-Apr-2017 01:42 am (UTC)
Just added you over on DW, I'm sacchanxd there too.

I imported my old entries back when the first paranoia struck but I basically got lazy to crosspost all the subs I posted after that (cause using the crossposter messes up the entry layout sometimes), so I'm trying another import and god damn the queue is LONG

I guess a whole bunch of people are moving now lol

I'm still being stubborn and hoping this is all just a scare and nothing will happen to LJ though cause I really don't wanna start over joining comms and adding friends and such man ;-; but u gotta do what u gotta do
8th-Apr-2017 09:01 am (UTC)
Oh yes! It took several hours to back up my comm some days ago, their servers must be oversaturated (but at least, the site is not down!)
Let's see that as a new adventure (even thgough I really wanna stay here :/ )
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